Let’s start in the middle – shall we?

As some of you may know, I started a healthy living blog in September. You can check it out here. After writing for a few months, I found that I was trying to write someone else’s blog. Don’t get me wrong, I read healthy living blogs every day of my life – I love workout tips and photos of food and motivational posts. But that’s not where I am with my life right at this moment.

So I bring you the Sixth Letter (aptly, I’m starting on the 6th day of the year, although the intention was to start January 1st…it just didn’t happen). Why the Sixth Letter? Well “The Letter F” and “The Letter Eff” and even “Letter F” and “Letter Eff” were all taken. But I pursued this line of thinking because I realized that a lot of things that start with the letter F are meaningful to me. So this blog will be about friends, family, food, fun, finding myself/yourself, flipping out, feeling calm, faith, falling down, finding freedom, and, of course, felines. You’ll probably still see recipes. And I’ll probably still talk about working out. But it will be more than that for me, and hopefully, for you.

Fridays will be photo days where I post a week’s worth of photos with captions. I’m participating in the photo a day project to chronicle 2011 – so check in to see what’s seemed meaningful to me each week. The rest of the posting will be sporadic, but I hope to chronicle my travels, my feelings, thoughts, musings, creative inklings and anything else that comes to mind.

I am in the airport now, leaving for a two-week trip to the northwest. Vancouver first, then Seattle and Portland.  I’m leaving Alex to his own defenses in the kitchen – hopefully he survives – and I am excited to see friends, eat new food, and generally just explore (on the cheap!) some new cities.

I’ve never traveled this long by myself before, and I’ve never lived out of carry on for two weeks. My over packing tendency had to be reined in considerably, especially as I had to pack for cold weather! I managed to only bring 3 pairs of shoes – black flats, black boots and running shoes – which I think was a feat all in itself. Staying with friends is awesome because it allows for the possibility of laundry. So far, I haven’t been kicking myself for the heft of my bag – I feel like it’s just right. We’ll see if it fits in the turbo prop plane that I’m on for the next leg of my trip.

So in short – welcome to my world. Prepare to be dazzled!


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