Project 365: Week 1

Here are my photos from January 1 – January 6! Enjoy!

Don’t know what Project 365 is? Check it out here.

January 1:

Alex and his shiny pants with some shiny ladies right after midnight on New Years.

January 2:

Oh Safeway. Or Af Way.

January 3:

Don’t worry, 2011 didn’t turn me into an omnivore. The kale is for me, the chicken is for the cats as we try to transition them to wet food.

January 4:

My to-do list for Tuesday – DONE! I even did a bunch of things not on it – it was a busy day and I felt good at the end of it.

January 5:

My favorite of the week. I found these stars hanging randomly from some trees while walking from the bus to the De Young. A good reminder to be thankful.

January 6:

I spent hours at the Seattle airport on Thursday. Thankfully, I found an outlet!

January 7:

The beautiful Vancouver skyline from close to my lovely friends Sydney and Alexs’ apartment.


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