View from the Top

I leave Seattle tomorrow to Amtrak down to Portland to visit more lovely friends and explore another rainy, funky, delightful Northwest city.

Yesterday, I started off the day rather lazily. I worked throughout the morning, took a short nap, and then went downtown to meet my fellowship boss again to get more face to face work time in. We had a productive call with our planning team and then I met up with Derrick to explore.

We happened upon a cupcakery in our explorations!

We picked up some cupcakes to surprise Ashley later when she arrived home from work. I met up with some friends at a very hole in the wall place for Thai food. If you are ever in Seattle, go into the U-district and go to Tom Thai. Don’t take more than three people, otherwise you probably won’t get seated. The food was perfectly spiced and cheap! I love when you can feed three people plus leftovers for less than thirty bucks!

Today, I started off the day by waking up and telling myself I was going to go for a 4 mile run. I am in training for a half marathon, and I knew I had to do the run. But upon looking outside at 8 am, it was so dark, I would have sworn it was 6 am. I went back to bed. Then I thought of something that Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said that “Training is hard!” I like a challenge. So I got up, put my clothes on and ran 4 miles in the rain. I felt like a badass when I got back, and had so much energy throughout the day.

After cleaning up, Ashley, Derrick and I took off to explore the Fremont neighborhood and go downtown!

It was windy. Ignore my squinty eyes.

My FAVORITE chocolate shop in the world. Theo. Go get it.

Pho for lunch!

The Seattle Public Library. A great building!

A pit stop for A and D to get donuts. (I may have snuck a bite!)

Guitars at the Experience Music Project!

An original Woodstock ticket.

Star Trek at the Science Fiction Museum!

Windswept at the top of the Seattle Space Needle

Ended the day with gelato!

That is a terrible picture of the gelato and it doesn’t do it justice. It was salted caramel and dark chocolate gelato made at The Fainting Goat in Seattle. They use local organic dairy and sugar, and that results in probably the best gelato I’ve ever had. I also didn’t realize that gelato was so much lower in milk fat content, so I didn’t feel as weighed down afterward.

We also got into a heated debate about sherbet vs. sherbert. Although “sherbert” is what the majority of people say (I know I always did), the actual word is “sherbet.” Although one can argue that through usage, something becomes a word, I wouldn’t add “hella” to the dictionary and a lot of people say that. Then we had to get into the difference between sherbet and sorbet and the conversation went on from there.

I am excited for my travels to Portland tomorrow, and my Friday photo post!

Until then!


5 thoughts on “View from the Top

    • Vietnam sounds so fun – I really want to go! And yeah, it’s nice to find some other norcal bloggers! Thanks for the compliment – your blog is adorable also!

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