Photo 365: Week 2

January 8:

The view from Sydney's backyard in Vancouver 😉

January 9:

I keep finding signs in trees!

January 10:

Greyhound - not so bad for a 4 hour ride!

January 11:

Snow in Seattle

January 12:

Ummm hello lovely. Delicious.

January 13:

The view from the bottom

January 14:

This kitty has hops!!


2 thoughts on “Photo 365: Week 2

  1. Wow! I still can’t believe that space needle picture. Its like a postcard picture! And I love the one of snow. Something about monochrome + color without special filters looks really cool.

  2. The kitty is the best-not as artsy as the rest, especially the Greyhound!, but says the most about reaching upward! Love these pictures-the snow reminds me of “home” as a kid!

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