Morning Insanity

I accidentally ran 6 miles in my Vibrams on the track yesterday.

I guess “accidentally” relieves me of personal responsibility, so I suppose I should say “unintentionally.” I was meeting up with my wonderful running buddy, Chelsea, to run 3 miles. As 4.5 miles were on the training schedule, I got to the track a bit early to run a bit extra. I just ended up running 3 miles extra instead of 1.5. I was so motivated by everyone on the track! But it was definitely the longest I’ve ever run in my Vibrams, so there has been a lot of this….

A LOT! And my right calf is still crampy and sore. I recently discovered foam rolling from my physical therapist who suggested I use it for back pain. I’m not an expert, but after I foam roll my glutes and my IT bands, I feel like I just got a massage. Using tennis balls or even golf balls to roll can also be helpful for especially tight knots that the foam roller can’t relieve.

Be careful though not to roll over any particularly bony spots. When I started, I rolled my hip joints and had some whopping pain for a few days – evidence that foam rolling does have an impact!

So after a lot of foam rolling, stretching, eating and sleeping, Alex conned me into doing an Insanity workout DVD with him this morning as my cross training. Alex is doing the entire Insanity program and does a routine every day. And let me tell you, it really is insane.


Everyone in the DVDs looks like that. But for good reason – the workouts are tough! Each routine high intensity interval training alternated with short periods of rest. Basketball jumps, moutain climbers, ski jumps, power squats….you do all of these, quickly and as intensely as you can. I’m not a sweaty person in general, but I was dripping during this workout!

The photo doesn’t do our sweaty selves justice, but trust me, the sweat is there!

Even though it kicked my ass, I liked the DVD because everyone else was sweaty and dying too – these were not actors or incredible fitness buffs. People take breaks. People yell. People collapse in a heap of sweaty exhaustion. When Alex told me he was happy to get through the warm up without needing to take a break, it made me feel better about the fact that I couldn’t. The workouts are tough, but I imagine you get great results.

Having said that, I think I’ll stick to my running, yoga, and weight lifting with the occasional insanity thrown in for cross training.

Now, I’m just on the couch getting some work in before a meeting later this afternoon. And someone decided the best place to be was on my lap!

Off to be productive!


One thought on “Morning Insanity

  1. so cute! My cat just passed and I miss her so much 😦 I haven’t tried Insanity but I’ve done P90X and I really liked a lot of stuff about it like what you mentioned. Sure, the people were ridiculously buff, but it was REAL, and it was a good workout, so I could get over the cheesy aspects!

    I have a friend who has talked a lot about the Vibrams–I haven’t gotten them, I’m kind of wary because I have knee problems. Have you had any injuries from running in them or do they make you feel stronger?

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