Project 365: Week 3 (A little late)

Happy Sunday afternoon! Here are my photos for last week – I finally fixed the tech difficulties. I decided to start posting Friday – Thursday instead of Saturday – Friday, so that I can post them Friday morning without waiting. So there is one less photo this week but next week we’ll be back on track.


January 22:

The view at sunset from the roof.

January 23:

Delicious Big Daddy candy from Theo Chocolate in Seattle. Homemade marshmallow, caramel and graham cracker crust. YUM!

January 24:

Our new AMAZING art piece that we commissioned from a friend. It is 8 feet by 4 feet and is now hanging above our couch. There is a Pepsi/Coke dichotomy theme in the painting that plays on how sometimes in life, there seems to only be two choices (Pepsi/Coke, Blue/Red, Republican/Democrat), but often times there is a middle ground, evidenced by the purple sky.

January 25:

Where I spent a good deal of the day on Tuesday – our couch. It’s so cozy.

January 26:

An art installation in the lower Haight. I LOVE it and it makes me so happy every time I walk by it. It’s surrounded on both sides by some amazing murals.

January 27:

Hot tea for a cold morning – the weather started changing on Thursday and cooling down.  This University of Texas Longhorns mug is my souvenir from an amazing trip to Austin with my best girl friends. We were amazed by the amount of school spirit and couldn’t help getting into the longhorn madness!


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