City of Sisterly Love

My sisters came to visit me this weekend!

There is a pretty big age gap between my sisters and I. They are my half sisters from my mom’s first marriage, and Jen (the one on the right) is 17 years older than me and Katie (on the left) is 12 years older than me. I’m sure when I was little and they were older, they weren’t overly fond of my constant need for their attention, but as I’ve gotten older, we’ve become good friends. They have both been incredible mentors for me and I wouldn’t be who I am without their advice and support.

Jen and Katie are both married and have two kids each, so our time together is usually spent (lovingly) amidst the chaos that follows children around like Hippo follows around treats. For the first time in years, the three of us were able to spend a day together talking and eating and WALKING! We did a lot of walking.

We walked to the Ferry Building for Blue Bottle which was proclaimed “this is the best coffee I have ever had” by Jen.

Then we walked to Union Square, checked out shoes at DSW and then hopped back on BART to head to the Mission for lunch.

Jen recently became vegan and transitioned the rest of her family to mostly vegetarian. Katie (and my parents too, actually) has also cut her meat consumption down considerably. This meant I had to take them to Cafe Gratitude for lunch.

Cafe Gratitude is not only vegan, the majority of their food is also raw. Their ingredients are 100% organic, and almost all of it is locally grown. If you’re a vegan and in San Francisco, go there. Heck, if you’re not a vegan, go there! I was introduced to it through an omnivorous friend, so it’s very friendly to all dietary tastes.

Awwww, aren’t we cute.

Adorable, I know.

Katie’s taco plate. I had the second taco leftover the next day and it was amazing!

The end of my nachos, when I finally remembered I had my camera.

But I did remember to snap a photo of this beauty:

Raw, vegan, coconut key lime cheesecake. It was to DIE for – so delicious. And so much lighter than traditional cheesecake.

Then we started walking. We ended up walking a total of 13 miles by the end of the day. We walked to the Haight:

And then we had to walk to Noe Valley to go to Omnivore Books. And then we had to walk home to rest.

And surprisingly, we noted how the raw, vegan food kept us full until dinner, despite the 13 miles of walking! And that’s saying a lot for me, since I’m usually snacking all day.

We walked to Gracias Madre (the Mexican Cafe Gratitude), but the wait was an hour so we hoofed it over to Patxi’s to get vegan pizza. We ended up having to wait 40 minutes for our pizza, so we could have just waited, but this way, we got to round out our half marathon of walking.

I had never had pizza without cheese and was perhaps a bit skeptical. But it was amazingly tasty. I didn’t even notice the lack of cheese – and it was still awesome the next day for lunch as well. Cold pizza is one of my all time favorite meals.

Spending time with my sisters was the greatest, and even though it only rained for the one day they were here, we had a great time together. I hope for more visits, with families in tow and without, in the future!





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