Better Late Than Never

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share some photos of the weekend because I had some delicious eats and fun adventures. I was going to share yesterday but I had a last minute visit to my sister’s to babysit my nephew and forgot my camera connector cord. Oops! So without further ado…

Alex’s veggie caterpillar roll at Sushi on Friday night. Veggie tempura topped with avocado. Yum! And Alex’s elbows. Awesome.

Pretty pink flowers!

Fro-yo to go with the 75 degree weather (in February, what?!)

Awesome stairs! I want stairs like this.

Monk’s Kettle – a place of food and beer deliciousness.


Hi Friends!

Delicious organic beer.

Scary skeleton beer – also delicious.

For Christmas, we got Bryan and Kristen a Theo beer and chocolate pairing kit. So here was the spread of chocolate bars (plus another that we devoured before I could get a photo). Included in the kit were Bread and Chocolate, Coconut Curry, Spicy Chile, 91% dark, 74% dark and 70% dark. It’s crazy how after eating the 91%, the 74% tastes like milk chocolate!

Sunny Superbowl weather. The view from Trent and Shelly’s house.

My lovely friend Shelly!

I might not eat bacon, but I can appreciate a good bacon weave.

Up close weave action.

More porky goodness – bacon wrapped hot dog.

I don’t think we had enough food for 5 people.

Veggie burger and salad. I did not photograph the million carrots and tortilla chips I ate. Oh, and the guac…

C-3p0 just hanging out, watching the game with us.

Alex was super into it too!





One thought on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Have you been to Zog’s Dogs on Market? Apparently they have a veggie dog wrapped in bacon on the menu 😉

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