Project 365: Week 6

A fun collection of photos this week.

February 4

Hill? Remember that show? I thought Chad Michael Murray was the hottest thing on the face of the earth.

February 5

Alex actually noticed this first as we were walking. I ❤ that there is so much street art in SF.

February 6

This photo captures Alex so perfectly…iPhone, Coffee, crazy t-shirt, silly expression! Love it!

February 7

This is hands down my favorite photo of the week. This is my 2 year old nephew eating chips while under a paper bag. Although my sister put me under a bucket once and sat on it while I pleaded for her mercy, I did not inflict the same terror on her child….he did it himself!

February 8

This is me walking, which pretty much took up half my day on Tuesday. I have to remember that walking 8 miles in a day means affects my body! I forget that my hips and legs will be tired after a day like that and then wonder why working out is tough. Duh.

February 9

Pretty much my favorite sort of day…a book about food and an amazing chai latte.

February 10

I haven’t had oatmeal in like two weeks and I finally had it for lunch today and I was so excited I decided it deserved it’s own photo.


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