Getting Teary Eyed

My cooking has been a bit uninspired lately. You’d think that having more time would actually contribute to better food, but thus far, that hasn’t been the case. Inertia is a real problem when you have too much time on your hands.

I did make a soup that I thought would be recipe worthy, and I even took a ton of pictures of the process like a good food blogger, and then, while delicious, it wasn’t share-able. Perhaps I will share in the future, but at this moment, probably not worth it.

What is worth it though, is knowing how to cut an onion. I used to just hack away at them and hope all the pieces ended up the same size. Then a friend taught me how to do it much more effectively. Then in a cooking class with said friend, we learned how the chefs do it. So without further ado…

Chop in half

The noble onion in all it's glory.

Chop the top.

Chop in half.

Peel and flip. Leave the bottom on.

Saw into the first half sideways to create layers. Use the bottom as an anchor to keep things together.

Cut from trimmed top to the still- attached bottom. Small pieces will start to fall.

As you slice lengthwise, you'll get a pretty symmetrical dice. Repeat with the second half. Tada!

Perhaps it is a few more steps than just wielding my knife however I feel like it, but the end result is worth it. Unfortunately, it does not stop onset of onion tears, so be prepared so you don’t saw a finger off.



5 thoughts on “Getting Teary Eyed

  1. Soaking your onion halves in cold water for a minute or two will take away a lot of the teariness…it works! It also takes the bite out of onions you’ll be using raw, like red onions.

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