Funky February

The rapid weather change has brought it with it somewhat of a February funk for me. This week has just been a little bit off.

More time spent absentmindedly trolling the internet instead of being productive. Mediocre workouts. Sleeping past my alarm and lots of naps.

Hippo knows where it's at.

After a particularly funky day yesterday, I decided the occasion called for a beer.

And a yummy meal. So I decided to make caramelized onion pasta sauce and roasted brussels sprouts. I waited an hour and the onions didn’t caramelize and the brussels sprouts didn’t quite get crispy. I just shook my fist at the universe and demanded the funk be over.

I threw some broccoli in there for good measure. Thankfully, it all tasted good, even if nothing turned out quite right.

I eventually traded my beer (which I took approximately 3 sips of) for a mug of hot chocolate.

Things were looking up. I added some cayenne and some cinnamon and I was in a happy place.

I went to bed and had some crazy dreams. Including one where my entire home fell into a giant hole that opened up in the ground, but my bigger concern was that the Trader Joe’s had also fallen in and I couldn’t get my favorite chocolate.

I had chocolate on the brain so I made chocolatey almond joy oatmeal. Of course, because I made a double batch for when Alex woke up, I didn’t include enough liquid and while it was deliciously chocolatey, it wasn’t quite creamy enough. Funk continues.

I figured I would break out of the funk when I went a chocolate factory tour today! San Francisco has a chocolate factory on the Embarcadero and I thought it might be a fun indoor activity. Upon going to the website to get directions, I found out that you actually have to sign up in advance and today’s morning and afternoon tours were sold out. Awesome.

So I could keep complaining about the funk, but instead, I think I’ll just be glad that I now have the whole day with no plans where I can do whatever I want! And maybe I’ll find something extra fun, even MORE fun than a chocolate factory tour…although, is that possible?

Maybe I’ll just have to find chocolate somewhere else!



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