Late Nights, Lazy Mornings

Although I’m in the minority on this, I’m very much a morning person. I’d almost always rather have done yoga, meditated and eaten breakfast before the sun comes up than stay out past 11 o’clock. Morning quiet and stillness appeals to me and though you’d think it might be lonely, it’s not.

This last week, my morning productivity ground to a halt and I spent too much time aimlessly browsing the internet or taking naps (yes, I have napped at 8 am before…when you get up at 5 am, I think it’s fair!). Other mornings, hours have just flown before I even notice.

I took this as a sign from the universe that I needed to shake things up a bit and enjoy some nightlife. Balance is important to me, and if I never stay out and then sleep in, I can’t appreciate how good it feels to get energized before the sun comes up.

Friday night, we went to the Fox Theatre in Oakland (an amazing venue if you ever have the chance to go) for a Chromeo concert. Alex and I will be the first to tell you that we are not die-hard Chromeo fans, but we enjoy them, our friends ARE die hard fans, we love live music and we haven’t ever been to the Fox.

Alex and I started the night off at a place called No Worries, for vegetarian Filipino food. We wandered around for 20 minutes in the freezing rain to find out that not much else (other than Subway) was open, or else we couldn’t find it. When we stumbled upon this place, it seemed like a dream come true. The food was so fresh and delicious. They also source everything locally, which I loved.

There were a lot of fake meat dishes, but we opted for some fresh veggie/tofu dishes instead.

Alex also got this melon drink that was delicious – it was basically shredded cantaloupe juice!

Eggplant, green beans and tofu.

Veggie stir fry.

Then we met up with our wonderful friends for the concert! 

Rachel is the queen of long armed photos!

Love the legs! Too bad I cut off the shoes in both shots!

After waiting in the longest coat check line in history, Alex and I hoofed it home on BART back to the city. There was quite the party happening on the train, which was fun to watch. Strangers bonding over a handle of rum and cherry 7 – up. We did not partake, but it was amusing to watch the revelry.

After sleeping in, we woke up early for our long run only to find that it was pouring. So back to sleep we went. I got up a bit later and hit the gym for a short run and some stair master and then showered and went out for the biggest burrito of my life. I had been craving a burrito, and I ate the entire thing, all of my chips, and a few of Alex’s chips. Getting burritos with no rice makes them so much better to me! I feel so much less bloated and full afterwards.

We spent the better part of Saturday just lazing around and I watched Supersize Me while organizing my recipe book (sort of ironic, eh?) We went out later to a friend’s place to try their homebrew, eat popcorn and cake and enjoy some awesome conversation. I was so busy chatting that I forgot to snap any photos!

Then we met up with more friends for some bar hopping, the only photo I snapped was this one:


After bar hopping (where I enjoyed several glasses of ice water), we ended up crashing back at home around 2:30 am, which for me is EPIC.

We slept in until 10 on Sunday and then hit up  a local urban farm for some outdoor yoga, which was the perfect way to start off Sunday. The weather has been terrible, but it finally got sunny! We were going to go for a long run, but I have some gnarly calluses that were pretty painful, so we opted for yoga instead.

I ❤ Hayes Valley Farm.


Still a little sleepy .

Fruit trees! They have over 85 kinds of fruit and nut trees that you can buy. They grow them specially to stay between 8 and 10 feet so they can be harvested mostly by hand.

The practice was amazingly restorative and it was so nice to experience sun and wind and fresh air during practice.

After yet another lazy day that included grocery shopping and a nap, I went out to meet some friends in the Haight. I ate dinner beforehand, but they were hungry so we ended up wandering into a crepes place were I stole a few bites of chocolate cookie and a strawberry crepe. I met some new folks which is always fun!

So after three late nights (although last night was only 11:30 pm or so), I was ready for my morning routine again. I got up early this morning, made breakfast and caught up on my Google reader. I’m getting ready for my longest run ever – 10 miles – because I didn’t do it this weekend. I’m a bit nervous about my feet, but hopefully the blisters/calluses aren’t too bad. I’m looking to get new shoes this week.

I’m happy to be back to early mornings and am reenergized to make the most of my time. Every moment is an opportunity to be mindful, even if it’s to mindfully relax. Last week, mindfulness escaped me completely – but again, we need to forget sometimes so we can appreciate the value!

Time to get ready to run!





One thought on “Late Nights, Lazy Mornings

  1. Supersize Me, one of my all time favorite movies! You’re lucky to live in the city and have so many cool things to do. I’m embarrassed to say I have never heard of that band, I’ll have to look them up. AND, how awesome does cantaloupe juice sound…must make some when I get my new juicer. 🙂

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