Girl Talk

Girl Talk was the best board game ever.

Okay, maybe best board game ever is a little bit overboard, but it was a pretty awesome way to indulge the need for gossip without actually passing notes or whispering behind people’s backs.

I found this pic from a great blog post from The Love Collage on a DIY: 80’s sleepover. Check it out and then invite me to over to enjoy several John Hughes films.

Girl Talk is also a great mash up artist that Alex and I are going to see in mid March. Check him out here.

But what I really wanted to talk about was actual girl talk and how I feel so lucky to share my life with such wonderful, strong women!

Monday was one of the best Monday’s ever because:

  1. I ran 10 miles and didn’t die.
  2. It was a three day weekend so some of my friends had work off.
  3. I went shopping
  4. And lastly, I got to hang out with some amazing girls!

After the run (which really, was pretty epic for me and for a Monday morning after a long weekend of staying out late), I met up with my lovely friend Nicole for brunch at Mission Beach Cafe:

And I ate THIS amazing breakfast:

I ate the entire scramble, all of the potatoes and the salad. I know running 10 miles doesn’t mean I can eat meals like this all the time, but the food at this place is so damn good and I go so rarely, I ate it all!

And I ate one of these biscuits with honey. Hellooo heaven in my mouth.

I have known Nicole for almost 6 years now which is crazy to think about! We went to college together and have stayed close since we both still graduated. She lives over in the East Bay and I always love hanging out with her because she has such great insights into life and is such a positive person.

We talked about anything and everything under the sun for a few hours and then she headed out and I ran some errands.

THEN I met up with one of my other wonderful friends, Rachel!

This is not from Monday, obviously, but it ranks in my favorite top 5 pics of us of all time.

Rach lives in the city and I’ve known her since college too. We also have a million weird connections including that she went to middle school with my freshman roommate, she dated a guy in my dorms long before I knew her, she dated a guy that I went to high school with and met some of my high school friends, we went to the same Spice Girls concert in 6th grade and even had the same creepy stalker before we knew each other! I’m pretty sure there are others too, but suffice to say, the universe pretty much gauranteed our friendship.

We met for tea, and just talked again about all the stuff going on, all the stuff that happens in life. Rachel is an amazing listener, always has great advice and ALWAYS makes me laugh – even when it’s the last thing I want to do. I’m so glad she lives in the city so I get to see her all the time !

Also, Nicole and Rachel are BOTH planning weddings so we got to do a lot of wedding talk which is incredibly fun! Especially as a planner, I get a high asking questions about details and logistics.

Then I ran some errands and was home for a bit, saw Alex and then later in the evening met up with my friend Katherine for a yoga class! Katherine is actually Alex’s friend from high school, but she lives in the city and loves yoga too so we met up for a class together. It’s always nice to have a buddy that motivates you and keeps you accountable. I’m excited when I get back from my trip to meet up with her for more classes!

I think this may be the only picture I have with Katherine and it’s from so very long ago:

Having strong women in my life is such a blessing. Luckily, I know even more than these three; I have several friends from college, post college and women in my family that are such an inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I get inspired by men all the time too – and I know a lot of guys that have done amazing things that I aspire to. But as a woman, it’s incredible to have so many women that do awesome things to relate to. Many times, their insight has gotten me through hard times or motivated me to be better in whatever I’m doing.

So to the three women from Monday and all the amazing women in my life, THANK YOU! You make my life great!


5 thoughts on “Girl Talk

  1. Aw, super sweet post!
    Girl Talk is an awesome board game. I’m always in the mood for John Hughes movies so nothing really needs to set off that desire, but now I need to watch Sixteen Candles.

  2. Aww, it was fun to yoga with you too (however slow/boring it was…) I will definitely bug you for future sweaty sessions.

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