Poem for the Blogtastic Open Mic Event

So the lovely Ashley came up with this great idea for an Blogger Open Mic event which I thought was a fantastic way to explore creativity in the blogger world. I know I often get caught up in thinking about the day-to-day, or the future, or all the things I have to get done to be successful.

It’s rarer that I tap into my more creative side. Writing poetry used to be a way for me to reflect on my life and the way I felt about things, but I simply haven’t been taking the time to do it. This event was a great opportunity to bust out of my comfort zone and share my more creative side.

Here is the transcript, in case you’re interested or want to follow along.

Fault Lines

I take a lot of pictures of my cats
Part of it stems from my natural inclination
Towards crazy cat lady and
Sweaters that hang and
The smell of mothballs

But the other part….

The other part is my fascination with their ability to
Let go. Stretch out. Relax.

Aware that not all cats are as lazy as mine,
I can’t help but feel they are in line to teach me something about
Of that which is no longer useful.
Of those thoughts that don’t serve me or the greater
Good things come in small packages
So maybe these furry felines
Will teach me
When to slow down and breathe
Deeply diving into creative thinking sinking
Into something greater later
Wondering why it took me so long to figure out that
You don’t actually die from missing deadlines and saying no
Doesn’t mean “yes, but” and there is more to life
Than other people thinking you are freaking awesome.

People can only know you when you’re brave enough to say:


I may be crazy neurotic psychotic
Chronically early to rise to the occasionally full of tears for fear of disappointing you may question my need for three pieces of gum an hour or a twice daily shower habit of asking for too much of a good thing or the terrible way I sing while driving home a point even when I know I’m wrong and a wrong still sometimes make my right and you know what?

I am still freaking awesome.

Only when you know your
Fault lines can’t shake your
Can other people
Overcome obligation and
Share your revelation
Of joy

So I make take a lot of pictures of my cats
but their wisdom has taught me more about embracing my inner cat lady than any self help book ever did and they deserve the credit.

And here are some lovely photos of me as I tried to figure out how to position the camera:

Too far!

Too close!

Just right and being silly:

This is what I had to do to get the height right (and uploading to YouTube still ended up cutting off my head – but what are you going to do?!)

Anyway, check out the video – I hope you enjoy it!


5 thoughts on “Poem for the Blogtastic Open Mic Event

  1. LOOOOOVE IT! You are my crazy cat lady, and I don’t think there’s any cat out there that can relax after a bout of crazy like Hippo can!

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