Project 365: Week 8

February 18

What can I say? I really like mossy, green stairs! I love that things like this are hidden within San Francisco and you’d probably never know unless you went exploring.

February 19

Kitty in a blanket…or a diva in a blanket. Definitely related to this diva.

February 20

A trailer that delivers a DJ and BBQ? Must be the best thing ever. Plus, funk N Chunk is a simply awesome name.

February 21

Growing up, my mom dressed salad in oil, red wine vinegar and garlic salt. It was the best salad dressing ever. Then I went to college and pretty much used bottled salad dressing aka RANCH on everything. Because really, ranch makes a lot of things better (much like my meat eating friends say bacon does).

Then I met Alex and introduced me to adding mustard to balsamic and olive oil as salad dressing and it’s pretty much my go to now. It’s easy and somehow the mustard just adds something extra.

I know it seems random, but I realized that it’s funny what your significant other introduces you to sometimes – the little things that become a normal part of your life that you wouldn’t notice. It makes you appreciate them just that much more.

February 22

Chocolate this way? YES Please! If only there were more signs like this in life. Can you imagine if there were chocolate fountains in addition to water fountains on the streets? My life would almost be complete (the other thing that would complete it is if life was more like Glee and people randomly broke out into song and dance).

February 23

So I normally don’t get too excited about clothes. I mean, I like to shop, and I’ll buy things I need, but generally I’m usually sort of meh about the whole thing. But I was shopping at a thrift store and I saw this dress and I just fell in love. I felt so pretty and sophisticated in it that I bought it and couldn’t stop talking about it to my friends and Alex. I even tried it on for Alex as soon as he got home, which has happened maybe…once. I’ll have to take a picture once when it’s on!

February 24

Made it to DC safe and sound! Excited to see Allie and go to THREE cupcake shops this weekend!!!! ❤


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