DC Adventures!

I am visiting my friend Allie in DC; Allie and I went to college together and she was super ballsy and awesome and moved across the country because she was a Poli Sci major and wanted to work in politics. Now she’s getting her MPH and working and doing an internship – definitely an inspiration!

So because I only see her only a few times a year, we have tons to talk about! So that’s mostly what we did yesterday.

In the morning, I went with Allie to an event she was going to for work about the new budget and cuts to NIH funding. The NIH funds so much research that we don’t even know about and cuts to it’s budget will have a huge impact. Fascinating, but a bit depressing too. Oh, politics.

Then we went to a salad place called Chopt!

My delicious and healthy salad with my delicious and less than healthy soda. Mmm caffeine.

Hi Allie!

Chopt’s ingredients are healthy and so fresh. Plus, they chop like nobody’s business!

After lunch, Allie went back to work and I went back to the apartment and napped. I was planning on going for a run but my body just wasn’t cooperating. I realized later that I was really dehydrated and hadn’t had water all day which probably explained the headache and the sleepiness. I used to drink hardly any water, and I think I was always at a low level of dehydration. But now that I drink so much water, I definitely notice when I don’t have water.

Then we went to this awesome place called Teaism for tea and a salty oat cookie.

We stayed for a while just catching up and chatting about life. The tea was warm and the cookie was so yummy! We also got a great seat by the window.

I love the buildings on the East Coast. We went home, hung out for a bit and then went out to Lauriol Plaza that has the best fajitas of my life. It’s always insanely crowded, so we had to wait outside but we got to sit under the heat lamp!

FAJITAS. So many veggies! I even had extra to share with Allie.

After dinner, we met up with Allie’s friend Colin to have a beer and just stayed for hours talking and hanging out. It was super fun and relaxing.  We headed home to crash out around 2 am.

We had tons of fun today too, pictures tomorrow!




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