Freedom to Eat Cupcakes

I know Sunday night is a little late for a Saturday recap but what can I say? Being on vacation means that eating cupcakes takes precedence over blogging. But never fear, I am here now!

I went for a run Saturday morning and even though it was sunny, it was cold. My lungs are not used to such cold air and it hurt to breathe at points so it wasn’t my strongest run. I walked when I had to and took it as an opportunity to enjoy the sites!

I ran through Georgetown and back down embassy row. It’s so awesome to be in a place where there is such an international presence and where you know great things (and sometimes frustrating things) are happening.

I got back, showered and Allie and I walked to the Newseum. On our way, Allie excitedly pointed out her favorite plants to me – cabbage plants!

On our walk, we also saw the White House and the original postal office building, which was beautiful. I love East Coast architecture.

We got to the Newseum where Allie had a two for one coupon which was awesome!

So with so many free museums in DC, it may be tempting to skip the Newseum but I promise that if you’re at all interested in the creation, publication and history of news, it’s worth it. We weren’t allowed to take any photos of the exhibits, but they had some fascinating displays. They had every Pulitzer Prize photograph since it’s inception. The exhibit on sports photography was poignant and fascinating. They had a whole exhibit on 9/11 coverage and one on Hurricane Katrina coverage. One of the most fascinating exhibits was one on free speech and freedom of information and a map of which countries were the most free and which weren’t (the US is not at the top of the list).

On the top floor, there is a viewing deck that offers amazing views of the city. 

The museum is intense – it’s 7 floors and a lot of the exhibits are text heavy. Many of the exhibits are also emotionally draining; the Berlin Wall, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and Pulitzer exhibits are not lighthearted. But they showcase things that you wouldn’t see otherwise and I think they are worth it.

We needed to re-charge mid visit, so we grabbed lunch in the museum cafeteria which actually had a fantastic salad bar and was only moderately overpriced! They didn’t even charge us for the water cups we filled up at the soda fountain – I’ll take what I can get.

Post museum, we went to our first cupcake stop of the weekend – Crumbs Bakery. They had an impressive display case and an array of flavors.

Allie and I got a cupcake each and took them to the park in front of the White House to eat on a bench in the sun! The weather was a bit rainy on Friday but it was fantastic for the weekend.

The view from our bench. Lovely.

Allie got the Jolt cupcake which was coffee infused and I got the Blackout which was basically a chocolate explosion. We each ate half and saved the rest for later. They were pretty good, but I don’t think I’d go back.

After we walked home, we lounged on the couch watching TV and chatting. We were getting together with a bunch of people later in the evening and needed a bit of downtime before we danced our butts off!

Allie and I made a simple dinner of pasta and veggies and then got ready! Friends arrived:

The girls. 🙂

We went out dancing at a place called Bourbon that had the BEST music of any bar I’ve ever been to. We danced for two and a half hour straight and there were maybe only two or three less than stellar songs. Pretty impressive!

Long armed shot!

Allie and I were the last ones dancing at the end of the night – girlfriend can shake it! I used to be really nervous about my ability to dance and thus had no rhythm and was a terrible dancer. Once I stopped caring what people thought, I fell into the groove – plus it started being way more fun!

Allie and I walked home – again, the weather wasn’t even that cold! – and finished our cupcakes and crashed out. Saving the second half of the cupcakes for after dancing was the best idea ever.

It was a fabulous day and because I only enjoyed one drink early in the night and then water for the rest, I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning – ready to take on more adventures that I’ll talk about tomorrow! I’ll be early tomorrow, I promise!!


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