Sugar High!

So remember when I promised to post this sooner? I lied, clearly. Today somehow flew by and I didn’t have a chance until now to post. So here’s what we did Sunday!

After a late night, we needed a carb reload – Allie swears by the bagel place and it didn’t fail to deliver.


The weather was beautiful (Allie’s roommate Colleen was wearing flip flops!) so we sat outside and ate our bagels and woke up.

Look at that blue sky. So lovely.

Awww we’re so happy to have our bagels! And to be sitting outside. Allie isn’t even wearing a sweater.

We watched a guy serenade a girl with his guitar (in his dress pants and sweater…).

In this picture she doesn’t seem enthused, but every time he stopped and sat down, they were chatting so I think she liked it!

After that, Allie and I walked to Georgetown because Sprinkles cupcakes was having a sneak preview of their store that is opening on Thursday. We got two free cupcakes EACH. It was madness. We even met the owner!

Aren’t they cute?! Allie got lemon and red velvet, and I got peanut butter chip and carrot cake. We sat on the waterfront and enjoyed half of each. Sugar high!!

After two different cupcakeries, you’d think we’d be done. But you’d be wrong. WRONG! After we saved the second half of our cupcakes, we walked to Baked and Wired to get cupcakes  to eat during the Oscars! Excessive? Maybe. But it’s vacation. And we walked a lot and ate healthy meals! Plus, when do you get to eat from three amazing cupcake shops in one trip?!

I love Baked and Wired because they are an independent shop and a little funky. They had Pixies lyrics on the window.

They might be competitors (they even have the same colors – pink and brown) but clearly that doesn’t stop people like us.

After our second cupcake stop, we went to Trader Joe’s to get groceries for dinner and managed to get through the entire line while shopping. Tag team shopping trips are the best!

After eating a late lunch (like…5 pm) we went across town to an amazing independent bookstore, Politics and Prose.

Bookstores are always incredibly overwhelming for me – I now have a list of about 20 books that I want to read!

We made stir fry for dinner – so many veggies and teriyaki tofu – light and healthy and delicious. Which was great since we had THESE for dessert:

Allie got Chocolate Doom and I got German Chocolate. Amazing. Sprinkles cupcakes are great, but Baked and Wired’s feel a little bit more homemade. Maybe it’s just the slight messiness to the frosting.

We watched all of the Oscars (which I think is my only second time ever) and loved seeing all the beautiful dresses! Since Allie had to work today, we crashed out “early,” although being on the East Coast means the Oscars go to 11:30 pm, but earlier than Friday and Saturday!

So even though my blood sugar levels may have spiked an insane amount, the cupcakes were worth it!

I will try to post tomorrow about today, but it’s a travel day (yay 12 hour bus rides), so we’ll see!






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