I’ve Got the Travel Bug

Despite all efforts to take excellent care of myself by eating a week’s worth of cupcakes in three days, going to bed super late and walking all across the city – I have somehow come down with a cold. 😉

Said cold made my 11 hour bus trip from DC to Ithaca sort of hellish today. Not to mention that smelling a Greyhound bathroom for that long is something that no one should ever have to do twice. I get to do it again on Thursday. What can I say, I’m cheap.

Said cold also made me get a hotel instead of staying with the girls I was supposed to stay with via Couchsurfing. As I don’t know them at all, I didn’t want to be hacking up a lung and snotting all over their house. I reserve that for my closest friends.

So now I am in Ithaca in the Hilton Garden Inn which is quite lovely, if I do say so myself. My favorite part is that it comes with a fridge and a microwave, which is pretty baller. Not that I plan on eating in my hotel room since the entire reason I came here was to eat at Moosewood.

Tonight though, I ate at Thai Cuisine based on Ashley’s recommendation and it was amazing! I got panang curry and got it extra spicy (they call it Bangkok hot) to hopefully clear out my sinuses. It worked, but only while I was eating it and then as soon as I stepped outside I went back to not being able to breathe. Oh well – breathing is overrated.

The portions were small enough and I was feeling crappy enough that I felt justified in eating the entire bowl of curry. I didn’t take any pictures because I forgot my camera in my hustle to get across town before the place closed. Apparently, walking is not the coolest thing to do in Ithaca. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s 32 degrees outside. And pitch black. And sort of desolate. But driving is for suckers. Plus, I don’t have a car (oh how I miss the Subaru’s heated seats.)

So I ate alone in the middle of a mostly empty restaurant on a Tuesday night. I brought my book so I would feel a little less awkward about dining alone in an actual sit down restaurant. Plus, I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight and can’t put it down – so it was my date for the night. I felt even better when another loner came in and set up his laptop on the table while he ate his dinner. Loner club!!

But to recap my final day in DC, I woke up feeling not the greatest I’ve ever felt and was a little slow moving. I had planned to go to the National Gallery of Art but once I got there, I realized Allie and I had gone last time. So even though there are a million other museums around, it was 72 degrees outside and I was going to be in a bus all day today, so I just decided to walk. 72 degrees with a tornado watch – so it was quite windy. But enjoyable nonetheless. I saw some great architecture.

The Department of Justice building is formidable.

The National Gallery of Art Entrance. You just don’t find enough columns in California.

The Smithsonian Institution building – I took a lot of photos of this because I thought it was gorgeous.

I finally ended up at the Washington Monument where I was literally fighting the wind to walk around. At least the flags looked cool!

After walking back to Allie’s and just missing the rain, I ate lunch which included the other half of one of my Sprinkle’s cupcakes which was a nice treat and then crashed out for a nap in the hopes that I would feel human again. Alas, it was not so, but I got up anyway and met Allie for her Maternal and Child Health class.

I am SO glad Allie invited me to come to her class – it was fascinating! We were talking about birthing methods (C-section vs. not C-section), complications that lead to C-Sections,  the rising rates for C-sections and why that has occurred and the difficulty with performing C-sections in the developing world. Her professor was engaging, funny and so knowledgable. And her classmates were so engaged – it was definitely different than an undergrad class where the teacher has to wait patiently (or not so patiently) for people to participate.

I did feel pretty bad for the one guy in the class though…props to him for sitting through it!

After class, we went to spin and then came home, made dinner and watched the Bachelor and I got to eat the other half of my OTHER Sprinkle’s cupcake. It really was the best thing ever to save half of each.

Allie and I finally passed out a bit earlier than normal….like midnight instead of 2 am….and then I woke up early this morning to catch a cab to the Greyhound station.

A huge thank you to Allie and all of her fab friends for letting me crash with them this weekend!

I have to admit that I had such a wonderful time in DC that it was tough to leave to come to a place that is a) colder and b) where I know no one.I think it might be the first time ever that I am spending time in a place alone where I don’t know anyone or much about the town.

But it will be worth it because tomorrow I am having lunch AND dinner at Moosewood and it’s going to be awesome. Definitely worth two 12 hour bus rides…right?



One thought on “I’ve Got the Travel Bug

  1. Hi Liz! So sorry to hear you have been sick! I know how you feel! But worse while it’s on vacation! Hope you are feeling better and having a great time! I loved your pics and cupcake stories! haha!
    Have fun and feel better!

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