Project 365: Week 9

Descriptions are a bit short and sweet this week because I am catching up with my cousin who I’ve basically never spent any time with! But I couldn’t miss picture day.

February 25:

I just loved this shot. I love tea pots – they are so comforting.

February 26:

A sort of terrible photo but I loved that there was a little bit of SF in DC!

February 27:

Pixies lyrics on the window of Baked and Wired; this bakery is such a great combo of funky and friendly (which usually go together but sometimes not). And seriously, their cupcakes are bomb.

February 28:

The darkness moving in makes it look like something ominous is about to happen…

March 1:

Who needs so many pillows? Hotels always give excessive amounts of pillows.

March 2:

Everything you need for a cold while traveling. Those pillows ended up coming in handy to prop up my head so I could breathe.

March 3:

Snowy Montreal!


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