The Best Intentions

I got back from my East Coast travels on Monday (which included a delayed flight, missing a connecting flight, being the only person on the stand by list to not get a seat and then spending extra money to just get on an earlier flight) and I have to say, I’m happy to be home.

I loved travelling, but two trips so close together was perhaps not the best planning. I am happy to be home with only a few weekend trips until July when I’ll be gone most of the month. Without being at home and in a semi-routine, it was hard to keep my eating, exercising and meditating on track.

I’ll admit that the end of my trip and especially Monday during the travel debacle, I gave in fully to emotional eating and it worked – I did feel better. But I knew once I got home I wanted to bring more intention to my eating habits. And then I realized I just wanted to bring more intention to everything I do.

So my March goal is to be intentional in all of my activities: eating, exercising, my relationships, my writing, my time management, my leisure time activities, my work, my budget. It’s probably too much to ask to bring intention to all of these things at once, so at first I’m going to focus on getting my eating and exercising back on track. My cooking has suffered terribly since the beginning of the year with travelling so much, and I miss it. But I also know that if I jump back in to super complicated meals, I will get overwhelmed. Not to mention, being intentional with my budget means my food costs have to stay reasonable.

I haven’t written about cooking because I haven’t been doing any. So that changes this week; I am going to make some very simple but hopefully delicious meals and try not to get overwhelmed by the wonderful recipes that I get bombarded with in my Google reader every day.

As for my exercise, I need to get back on track with my running as the half marathon is coming up in a month! I ran yesterday for the first time in a week and it actually went well! So I will do another shorter run on Thursday and then a long run this weekend and see how it goes. But I also want to bring in more cross training and focus on my yoga. One thing I will say about the few Iyengar classes I took while in Montreal – it forces you to be thoughtful about your movements.

I guess before I go I should define what intentional means; for me, it means focusing on the task at hand and having an understanding of the task. Even if I’m making a quick dinner out of five ingredients, I want to think about how those ingredients are going to pair together and the best way to cook them BEFORE I start so that I’m not disappointed in the result.

Bringing intention to one part of my life has often had the side effect of making me more conscious in other parts – and I’m hoping this time will be no different. I’ll be exploring it all right here, so I’ll keep you updated!



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