Photo 365: Week 10

March 4:

I had many friends to share my bed with in Montreal. Raggedy Ann was especially saucy. 😉

March 5:

A reminder to spread the love; it does make the world go round after all. I saw this on my second to last day in Montreal when I was feeling love for a new city and new family members, so it seemed fitting.

March 6:

I was lucky enough to ride the bus with the Easter Bunny in Montreal; the mask was so thick that she couldn’t really see out of the eyes, so she had to tip her head to the side to walk. Any adult would have just taken it off, but kids just make it work!

March 7:

This goofball was the only reason my travel disaster on Monday was manageable. I’m pretty sure it’s his head and not the glasses that are tilted! Hehehehe…

March 8:

I was happy to be home to spending time with my cat-children and meditation. Sometimes at the same time.

March 9:

This may look like a kitchen disaster, but for me it was a happy reminder that I had the opportunity to cook again. And dishes are actually calming for me, so it’s a good way to decompress after working hard on a meal and then enjoying it.

March 10:

Instantaneously I had a pizza craving when I saw this sign, but I also thought about cravings in general and how they can motivate us to be great or push us over the edge into desperation. In the case of Zante’s Indian Pizza at least, it’s pretty much always desperation because the delivery times are 2+ hours. Worth it though, totally worth it. Something to ponder!


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