I can’t title my posts until after I write them. Does that happen to anyone else? In high school, I was the editor of the school newspaper but headlines were always the death of me. Concise creativity just doesn’t come easily to me I suppose (maybe that’s why I don’t use Twitter?)

Getting back into the groove this week has been a little hectic; the jet lag hit me the first few days so I was crashing at 9 pm. Lingering sinus congestion also slowed me down a bit, but I just realized I can breathe through my nose for the first time in two weeks! Progress!

As far as running goes, I got three runs in this week – a 4 miler, a 5 miler and an 11 miler. 11 miles is the longest I’ve ever gone and it was tough; I tried the walk/run method because I knew I hadn’t run a long distance like that in a while. Even though I know it’s supposed to be helpful, it didn’t seem to make the run any easier. In fact, I felt like I couldn’t get into the running zone. Perhaps I didn’t time the intervals correctly? Does anyone know what they are supposed to be?

This book also made it’s reappearance in my life this week:

I love weight lifting but it’s usually the exercise that gets tossed out the window when I’m in a time crunch – particularly now when I’m training for a race. Plus, sometimes I do an intense yoga session that feels like strength training and I don’t have the energy. But my running and yoga both improve when I incorporate weight lifting, so I try to be sort of consistent!

Also there were some really delicious eats, both at home and out on the town. I experimented with breakfast a bit this week.

I made farro (a la Ashley at the edible perspective) a few times, and the first time I ground the farro in the coffee grinder. Even though I thought I’d cleared out all the espresso grounds, there were definitely some mixed in to my farro, but I went with it! The result was a coffee flavored creamy breakfast cereal. It needed a bit of sweetener to balance out the bitter, but it was quite good.

I also got a small oven safe dish because I had to try the buckwheat bake, also thanks to Ashley. I also just love the yellow of this dish and think it’s super cute. The buckwheat bake was good…slightly blander than I thought it was going to be so I’ll probably try again this week and see if I can jazz it up.

I also made some super yum dinners.

Baked sweet potato topped with sauteed black beans, onions, tomatoes and garlic and roasted broccoli on the side. This was bomb dig and so easy, even without a microwave. I did have to start it an hour and a half before I wanted to eat because it seems like that’s how long sweet potatoes take in our oven, but it was worth it. this will be a go to meal in the future.

As will this…


I really love fajitas. I could eat fajitas at least twice a week forever and be happy.

I marinated the veggies (broccoli, carrots, onions, bell peppers) for a few hours in chili powder, cayenne pepper and olive oil. Then I stir fried them over super hot heat. Had black beans on the side (or on top!) with guac and hot sauce as well. I’m also partial to corn tortillas so I picked some up at the mexican market and steamed them so they’d be soft and warm.

The entire meal made me really happy. We used leftover tortillas and veggies to make egg tacos after our run (with hash browns on the side):

Yes, I ate on the floor while watching Desperate Housewives. While covered in sweat from the run. Attractive, yes I know.

There were also non documented eats. Lunch on Friday was with Rachel at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen – an entire restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese. I just got the basic grilled cheese, called The Mousetrap that was cheddar, havarti and monterey jack on sourdough. They also had the option of adding bread and butter pickles, so I did. And it was delish.

Saturday night we went to Bambino’s, an Italian place, with Bryan and Kristen and ate an excessive amount of food – the portions were huge! But we split bruschetta and polenta with zucchini to start and then I had a salad and a slice of Kristen’s pizza. It was yum – but I was glad I only got a salad because we went back to their place and made cookies. And I always like to have room for cookies.

I didn’t take pictures during these meals because it was my first time seeing these folks post vacation and I just wanted to hang out. But trust me, they were all delicious.

And then today, because it is rainy and grey, I made this to cheer me up:

And that, my friends, has been my transition back to being home. I’m pretty happy to be hear and can’t wait to keep cookin’!


3 thoughts on “Realignment

  1. Your photography is getting better. Also, concise writing is over-rated. There isn’t much worth writing in under 140 characters.

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