Entering the Real World

As a college student, I did a lot of random things – this is just a smattering.

I went to Disneyland (and had super short hair)!

I kissed the Blarney Stone.

I camped in yurts!

Of course there were parties!

Dressed up like a rockstar (and had super long hair!)

I got to feel important during events by wearing a headset and giving speeches (although at this point during the event I had no voice, but I made do).

Allie and I made important university officials hold cans of peas of carrots and take a picture.

I had the chance to celebrate Jessie and Miro’s love for each other at their beautiful wedding.

Ridiculous photo shoots happened (there were many more in this series that don’t need to be shared).

Living in San Luis Obispo meant many beach trips were had, which meant I had to load up on sunscreen.

I also honed my ninja skills in Tae Kwon Do (which led me to meeting my wonderful ninja boyfriend).

After graduating, the good times continued – I traveled more of the world, moved to a fantastic city and celebrated (and continue to celebrate) many many good times with friends. What didn’t work out quite the way I thought it would was my professional life.

During school, I sort of assumed that everything would fall into place; despite the fact that these photos don’t show it, I studied and got good grades and did many extracurriculars.

After graduating, I learned that being an English major does not prepare you for the real world. I had some good jobs and some not so good jobs – but nothing genuinely sparked my interest. I’m a good employee and can do good work no matter what job I’m in, but I was pretty unhappy in my last job because it wasn’t very challenging. I worked with great people and what our office did as a whole was awesome, but I could do my job in about 6-8 hours of the 32 hours I had to be there. Not fun.

So I quit, and my last day was in December. Since then, I’ve traveled a bit and taken on a 15 hour/week fellowship planning a retreat for young people who have or will have access to wealth who want to move their money towards social justice. Essentially, people with money who want to do good things in the world. And young people no less; the event is at the end of April and I’m excited to see it put together. The group of people I’m working with and that are attending seem fantastic and I can’t want to meet them in person.

Two weeks ago, I took on an 8 – 10/week internship at an urban farm for the youth education program; it’s a fantastic group of people that are so dedicated to youth education about sustainability and permaculture. Sustainable food systems have been a personal issue for me for the last few years, and I’m so excited to dedicate my time and energy to a group that’s doing work in this area for my community. I get to plan events, help design curriculum and do behind the scenes work.

Of course, when it rains it pours. I had interviewed for a project assistant job at a sustainable foods catering company because the job description sounded awesome and the company is doing amazing things in the space. I wasn’t really attached to getting the job as I hadn’t been planning on getting anything for a few more months – but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try.

And then, as it always goes with non attachment, I got the job! It’s very exciting news and it’s such a fabulous opportunity, I feel very lucky to have it. The position is a perfect mix of things I am comfortable doing but a place where I can learn tons of new skills and work with really successful talented people.

But I also don’t want to bail on the other things I’ve committed to, so for the next six weeks I’m going to do all three. Yes, my life will be insane. Yes, something is going to have to give – so forgive me if the blog posts are sparser than normal. I promise I’ll be back. The philanthropy event is at the end of April, so that will wrap up and then it will just be the job and the internship – which is also over at the end of June (although I can participate for longer).

Alex and all of my friends and family have been incredibly supportive so I want to give them a shout out. My next post will probably be a brainstorm about quick dinners and snacks and lunches that I can make on the weekends and use throughout the week.

I am nervous about taking on a full time job, but I’m also excited. I think I have a lot to offer and I think I have a ton to learn. I am most excited to be aligning my personal values with my professional life. I’m hoping that I can finally find a path to use my passion and my skills – and hopefully still get to dress up like a rockstar and be generally ridiculous!


3 thoughts on “Entering the Real World

  1. How exciting, good for you! Did you go to Cal Poly SLO? I went there a few years ago to do my background coursework for my master’s degree. I love it there, it’s so pretty. Do you miss living there or do you love San Francisco?

    • I did go to Cal Poly SLO and I loved it! SLO is such a great place and Cal Poly gave me a great and varied education. I miss it in some ways, but I’m so excited for all the opportunities in San Francisco and that the world is a little more expansive here. I grew up in the Bay Area and going down to SLO was weird for me because there were no cities on either side of SLO for like 15 minutes. In Silicon Valley, you drive through 10 cities on your normal commute!

      Thankfully we still have friends that live there so we can visit them any time!!

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