The 9 to 5

Technology has made life easier and stranger in so many ways. I’m blogging right now as I ride the train home because I’m tethered to Alex’s iPhone. Being able to connect anywhere is awesome in some respects but it also means disconnecting has to be a conscious decision – one that’s not always easy to make.

Day two of my new job is over and I have to say I’m sort of enjoying being back in the swing of things. Despite the fact that in the mornings I feel like a chicken with my head cut off as I run around trying to mediate (heh), make breakfast, workout, take care of the cats and make myself look presentable, I prefer it to being in my pajamas until 10 while everyone else is productively contributing to society and their career path.

Not everything is peachy keen though. The real struggle now is integrating exercise into this new schedule. I don’t think I have time anymore to make it to the gym in the mornings and Alex is running less these days, so I’m leaving most of my runs for the evening when it’s lighter and there are more people out (summer, where are you?!).  That leaves me with at home strength workouts and yoga for the mornings, which actually works out well. Cardio can happen in the evenings when I have more time and can sweat all over the place without having to pull on dress pants.

The real question now is how do I get a similar strength workout without a weight set at home? I know there are body weight workouts out there, but I’m not sure they can match deadlifting an 80 lb barbell. My game plan is to do research to try to find a body weight workout that gives me the same results as weight lifting. If that fails, I’ll look into purchasing a weight set for home. I know Alex looked at one a while back that was reasonably priced. Then I could probably quit the gym and save myself 34 bucks a month. I don’t use the classes anyway, nor do I feel a particular camaraderie with anyone there so I really only go to run when it’s raining and watch Bravo.

The new office also has a shower and a locker room, so lunch time runs might be an option as well! I’m going to have to learn to cope with having to ride the train instead of walking to work; I’m going to have to bust out the pedometer again to make sure I’m getting my walk on. It’s easy to get caught in a desk chair and not move. Thankfully, my love of snacking contributes to my desire to walk because the kitchen is on the opposite side of the office from my desk.

There are also tons of treats at my new office. Three bowls of candy on the counter and more hidden in the pantry. Cookies in the freezer. Cinnamon raisin bread. Even though I love all of those things, I’m going to have to bring my own healthy snacks as well to keep my monstrous sweet tooth in check. They have fruit though, which is nice – although strangely the apples aren’t local or organic, despite the fact that they tout that so strongly as one of their values. And everything is in single serving packages. And they don’t compost. I think some of this is going to have to change under my watch. 😀

On the whole, I’m happy to be back at work even though it restricts other things (you should see the state of my house right now – it is not pretty– I could make dust angels). I also realized I have to make the most of my weekend time to cook fancier things, because my weeknights are just too packed and I’m adjusting to the new schedule. So this weekend, my goal is to make one fun meal AND to not get down on myself for only having time to make one.

Alright – almost home so it’s time to get my walk on and then maybe my nap on….




2 thoughts on “The 9 to 5

  1. Congrats on the new job! I have a set of 5 and 10 pound weights and some exercise bands and I feel like I can get a pretty good workout in at home with those. Good luck on adjusting to you new schedule!

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