Shades of Green

Vestiges of St. Patty’s Day must still be lurking in my house, because our dinners this week have been all kinds of green.

I started my new job this week, so meals have been of the “what do I have left in the fridge” and “crap, I forgot to take something out of the freezer and I don’t have a microwave so let’s hope it defrosts in time” variety. The combo of those two things led to this meal – broccoli with Thai chili sauce and leftover millet and beet salad from last week. Random combination? Yup. Delicious and nutritious?  Check and check!

The millet and beet salad is super simple, so head over to Everybody Loves Sandwiches to take a looksie.  The recipe does take a bit of preplanning to roast the beets, so make sure to plan enough time in. I’ve heard rumors that they also sell pre-roasted beets but I’ve never seen them.

Last night, I put Alex in charge of making dinner because I went for a (very rainy) run with Chelsea. I came home to Vietnamese food!

More green! Contrary to what this looks like, these are two different dishes – one is lemongrass tofu with green beans and the other is spicy green beans (with tofu). I love green beans in all forms, so I was a happy camper. What’s funny is if Alex had only ordered one dish, that would have been fine and I would have been perfectly happy. But since he ordered two, I would have liked more variety, even though I didn’t really need or want it. Regardless, all of it was delicious. Add a spring roll, brown rice and a touch of sriacha, and tada! Dinner is served.

Hippo was also interested in our leftovers – he’s so in your face sometimes!

Dessert was a slice of this….

Alex bought me (and himself and our roommates!) a chocolate soufflé cake to celebrate my new job. We cracked into it on Sunday night and have had delicious dessert every night this week. I have the last slice in my bag for lunch today. My new office has a TON of sweet treats, but I figured I’d bring my own decadence today.

Seriously though, my office is filled with candy! And it’s good candy too – Reese’s, peanut M&M’s, dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, etc. They just sit out, so innocent looking, in cute white bowls. Thankfully the kitchen is a far hike from my desk so I’ll have to be extra motivated to get my chocolate snacking on.

The new job is going well; I’m still getting settled in and set up, so I haven’t done too much yet. Everyone seems supportive of people taking initiative so I’m excited for that kind of work environment. Working with people that are motivated and dedicated to the same causes I am is definitely my favorite part of the job.

Speaking of jobs, time to get productive once again!


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