Project 365: Week 12

March 18:

I really love to dance, so on Friday night Alex and I went to the GirlTalk concert and got our groove on. When I really let go and dance like crazy, I always feel awesomely confident and like a badass. This translated the other night into me having an intense solo dance party in my pajamas to Rhianna’s “Only Girl” while Alex looked on, laughing.

March 19:

I’m currently a volunteer at the SPCA and I did my first shift last Sunday. This is one of the adorable cats I got to spend time with – he was very frisky but wouldn’t get out of the cat tree! If you’re ever looking for a pet, I strongly encourage you to go to the SPCA – there are so many pets that need homes!

March 20:

This box compelled me for many reasons. First of all, it annoys me because it’s filled with old electronic equipment that we don’t need but has to be disposed of properly, which requires time and effort. Secondly, I was feeling just like all the wires in this box on Sunday – totally tangled up and messy. I worked things out for myself, but haven’t yet touched the box. 😀

March 21:

Monday morning, I went down to get my bike so Alex and I could ride to the train station together for the first time. I was dubious of my abilities. It turns out, I should have been suspicious of the bike. Both tires were flat and I ended up having to take a cab to the train station to catch the train on time. I rode the next day though, and with the exception of my quads clearly being not biking-strength yet, I did fine.

March 22:

This is a perfect representation of how we both feel on the commute home most of the time. The train is actually really relaxing and sort of lulls me to sleep, even when I don’t start out sleepy.

March 23:

With it being the first week of work and having a million other things going on, take out was the name of the game this week. We enjoyed delicious vietnamese food (which fed us for three whole meals!) and some awesome Indian food. But I definitely feel the increase in sodium…not my favorite!

March 24:

I had to walk to a photo shoot for work yesterday, and the only umbrella I had was this bright pink VS umbrella. I felt that it must have looked like an odd combination with my Vibrams, but I rocked it!


One thought on “Project 365: Week 12

  1. You are so kind and generous to volunteer your time at the animal shelter. My “baby” is a rescue cat and I couldn’t image life without her. I am eternally grateful to her foster mom who cared for her and her littermates until we were introduced. 🙂

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