Project 365: Week 13


Tragically, I am out of town for the weekend and forgot my camera connector so there will be no photo post today, but look for it on Sunday when I am back to full connectivity.

My photos have been less thoughtful lately, and my posting has been less frequent because my schedule hasn’t allowed for creative space. (Which reminds me that all of my library books were due yesterday. Well, damn.) Sometimes life feels like this:

There have been days where it has felt like too much for me to handle.And when that happens, I get silly and punchy, sort of like this:

But I have found time in my morning for at least 10 minutes of meditation and time in almost every day for at least 15 minutes of yoga, and it has helped me feel somewhat balanced. I still haven’t handled all interactions gracefully (aka: I speak sometimes like I’m typing in all caps) but my hair is still attached to my head so I think I’m in good shape.

Meditation came into my life in fits and spurts, and my practice still isn’t as deep as I’d like it to be. It’s still not as informed; I use random articles from Yoga Journal or recommendations from blogs or different books I’ve read as guides, but I’d love to do a retreat and dive more fully into it. But, at the very least, I notice now when I don’t make space for it. Moods come and go more quickly – I’m less likely to think before I speak. Keeping things in perspective becomes a pipe dream. A few moments of stillness keep me grounded for the hours to come.

Meditation makes me feel like this:

I’m still easily distracted; I’ve navigated to at least six different webpages since starting this post. My inattention may mean it’s not going to win a Pulitzer anytime soon, but I’m still going to publish it. And that is what meditation brings me more and more – release from the fear of failure.

This is a fail. But I have no fear!

However, this burgeoning confidence is not reflected in my skiing ability and I think I might be a hot chocolate in front of the fire kind of girl.

But maybe, I just need to plop down on the slopes and do a quick meditation. I’m sure the other skiiers would appreciate the opportunity to get zen, too!



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