Project 365: Week 13 Fo Realz

March 25:

I might not be able to partake in the joy of bacon wrapped hot dogs, but I can appreciate a guy selling them out of a van. I love living in San Francisco.

March 26:

You know you’re at a grown up party when the beer is a) more expensive b) organized and c) backlit by an Aerogarden.

March 27:

Teehee. Kitty wants some coffee cheesecake. I would also like some more coffee cheesecake – it was so damn good!

March 28:

The center of my building is open with a courtyard and these lovely ornaments hang on the walls. They make me happy.

March 29:

I have these post its on the mirror in the bathroom as a visual reminder to focus on the positive and in the evening to reflect on the day.

March 30:

SAdly, or perhaps not sadly, the answer to Post-it #2 (What’s absolutely perfect about your life?) is often “my dental hygiene.” I love to floss. And even when I don’t floss for a few days (I never actually forget, I’m occasionally just too lazy), I always come back to it. Considering I had four cavities at the age of five, this is a vast improvement.

March 31:

My new digs in the office…a sea of cubicles, lit only by an “Exit” sign. I’m being melodramatic, it’s actually quite nice. And lots of fun people sit over here! (Obviously, since I do…)


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