Project 365: Week 14

April 1

This is pretty much my favorite vantage point during winter; inside and warm with tea or hot chocolate while looking out at a lovely snowy landscape. Although I CAN ski, it’s not my favorite thing in the world.

April 2

If you look  closely, you’ll see my hat is an owl who is wearing the goggles. I found this endlessly amusing. A ton of people commented on my hat during the day (which was a gift from my awesome sister), a few even yelling from the chairlift! Again, considering skiing isn’t my thing and I’m not super comfortable in the snow or barreling down the slopes (and by barreling, I mean going down slowly in a pizza formation), it was a reminder to relax and have fun!

April 3

I love this. The paw prints lead you from the street right up to the shelter. Adorable.

April 4

Yes, this is a mattress that was clearly set on fire in the street. Yes, we live in a lively part of San Francisco.

April 5

A dress, vibrams and my Timbuktu bag (that I WON!). It’s a good day.

April 6

This isn’t a great picture but it makes me happy. I was walking into our room when I noticed how much I love our house – it’s finally starting to feel like home. I saw my clothes hanging on the banister and was reminded of all the things that I love about our house and the memories we are creating here.

April 7

Checked the mail and was excited to see we had lots to see. Then was tragically disappointed when it turned out all to be junk. So much waste!







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