Project 365: Week 15

April 8

A lovely gesture from a new coworker – fresh rosemary. Starting  a new job can be terrifying, but the people are so welcoming and warm. I’m still not quite used to having a job that I’m excited for; a job where even an hour commute each way isn’t a problem. What a wonderful feeling!

April 9

When I compare this picture of San Francisco to the picture last week of a burnt mattress on the ground, it’s hard to believe it’s the same city. Beautiful.

April 10

Caught! I didn’t take this photo, but I like it, and it pretty much sums up my April 10, 2011,s o I’m using it. Another race is on the horizon!

April 11

My Monday at work frozen yogurt treat. This was the smallest size they had. Uhh…really? They also make their own fresh yogurt, which is intriguing. Next time I would get the chocolate with just fruit because the toppings are a little scarce and that much plain frozen yogurt can be tough to handle.

April 12

My fat lazy babies, snuggling after being mad at each other for a few days.

April 13

My GIANT salad that literally could not fit into one bowl so I had to break it into two separate sittings. I started eating an hour before I had to leave the office because I knew it would take me that long to eat it. Incredibly satisfying!

April 14

A homemade Twix bar and baked donuts filled with lemon cream, baked by an amazing pastry chef. We got to go out into the field on Thursday and do some sampling and it was incredible!

Haha, I just realized that three of my photos this week are food centric; I pulled 19 hour days this week, so I didn’t have a bunch of free time to take photos. But I have to eat!


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