Making My Cubicle Less Mind Numbing, part 1

I know it’s going to be a long day when it’s 10:28 am, I had a snack at 9 am, and I’m already thinking about lunch. Sometimes I debate how early is too early for lunch (especially because then I get the afternoon munchies and have run out of food). There were days at my old job, (particularly days where in 8 hours I responded to two emails), that I would eat both snacks and my lunch by 11 am, just so that I would have something to do. Emotional eating perhaps, but it made the morning just a little more exciting.
Speaking of needing to be more exciting, my cubicle is in desperate need of a makeover.
This is how it looks now…
I know, sort of tragic right? I moved on to Google to help me find creative ideas for cubicle décor.
This is the most impressive array that I’ve found – but I’m not quite ready to install bamboo siding and don’t really want to look like the office lush by setting up a bar. Not to mention that not many other folks have really decorated their cubicles. But I have to work here every day, and I need a little excitement.
Here are my thoughts:
  • I need to pick a color scheme or theme for the cube
  • Fabric seems to be a popular choice for covering the walls of the cubicle – perhaps a craft store trip is in order.
  • An article from the “Rachel Ray” show suggests bringing in something to inspire you and remind you of the reason you go to work each day; I think a mini inspiration board is in order.
  • I want a plant or two.
  • I’m going to bring in my own lamp.
  • Photos of friends, family and pets are a must.
  • I want to stock up on some healthy snacks – nuts and nut butter, rice cakes, organic fruit, chocolate covered almonds (damn you again Rachel!)
I also want to hit up the thrift store and get some things for my desk that I can find useful – perhaps an interesting coffee mug and jar to hold my pens. A fun tray for papers and maybe something to hold some magazines.
I’ve been feeling off in all of my spaces recently, so I think some redecorating is in order, both at home and at work. I want to really develop a vision for what I want the rooms t look like and then move slowly in that direction – rather than just throwing things on the walls or buying things that don’t make sense. I’ll post updates as they come!

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