Project 365: Week 16

April 15: 

Who says having a 4 foot tall weed in a pot that’s supposed to be tulips means you don’t have a green thumb?!

April 16: 

April 17: 

Spring is here – what a wonderful reminder.

April 18: 

You know someone loves you when they dance for you in public.

April 19: 

Half a cookie remained – did I take it or leave it? The world will never know.

April 20: 

My work self and my working out self….boxed into a drawer. I felt a little claustrophobic on Wednesday and this seemed to describe it perfectly.

April 21: 

Fresh flowers are so lovely…thank you Alissa!


One thought on “Project 365: Week 16

  1. I like the shoe picture! For some reason I’m big on cataloging events with pictures of our shoes…

    Glad you like the flowers! They irises look lovely, opening up!

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