Project 365: Week 19

Better late than never!

May 6

Our roommate moved out and this is all that’s left. This room fills with light during the day – the antithesis of our bedroom (which needs a bit of sprucing up itself). We’d probably use this as our bedroom except the closets are smaller. My mom and I used to play this game when I couldn’t sleep where we would describe in detail rooms in future and fantasy homes. Mine always had a bay window with a bench, and now I at least have the window (maybe we can build a bench?)

May 7

My sister’s dog looks so incredibly forlorn in this picture – I’m pretty sure he was waiting for a toy to be thrown. Oh if that was the only worry I had for the day!

May 8

This is angry kissy face and the picture just made me laugh after I took it. Frame-worthy, me thinks.

May 9

I went scouting for decorating and organizing books on my lunch break – there’s quite the industry. This one made me impatient to get home and start purging and rearranging – especially my closet. Thank you, book, for getting me to clean my house this weekend.

May 10

This is our small compost bin that we use for kitchen scraps; we don’t actually compost ourselves because the City of San Francisco will take it away from us. On this particular day, compost was particularly relevant because the compost bin we started at work didn’t fare so well and I was scraping maggots out of the bottom of it with paper towels and my hands. It made me appreciate city wide composting efforts on a whole other level.

May 11

I watched this bee do his work for a long time. There’s a lot of buzz (intended) out there right now about the fate of honeybees because of colony collapse disorder. Worrying news as global agriculture would have a hard time without them. I know there are some excellent films on the subject, so I’ll have to inform myself about the issue.

May 12

The shot is clearly overexposed but I like that the tree looks ethereal. Such a distinguished tree deserves a photo with no other distractions.


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