Tooling Around in the Kitchen: Pyrex

For years I have been using plastic containers for food storage – both dried goods and for freezing/the fridge. I’ve been lusting over glass Pyrex dishes for awhile, but didn’t ever prioritize it enough to shell out the cash. Plus, reusing the yogurt containers seemed so eco-friendly. Let’s not touch on the fact that BPA was probably seeping into all of my food – I’ve come to terms with it.

But last week , my incredibly thoughtful boyfriend  made my dreams come true when he had this delivered to our house:

Best gift ever. Forget expensive jewelry – give me Pyrex any day! The lids are BPA free and the glass can go in the freezer, microave, and oven. I’ve already used all of them for various purposes and can’t say enough good things.

In the background you can see the case of mason jars I picked up for all the dry goods and now our pantry looks like this:

Our pantry is large, which is great, but the shelves are super deep which is not all that helpful, particularly in the top shelves. I got the raised wire shelves so I could stack more things closer to the front.

I love that everything is in glass containers now so I can see exactly how much of something is left and if I need to restock. I’d never check inside the plastic containers so I’d end up double buying. Mason jars are good for so many things! Plus, the case was 16 bucks. Can’t really go wrong with that!


2 thoughts on “Tooling Around in the Kitchen: Pyrex

  1. You are my soul sister in terms of storage. I love having an organized pantry and I switched from plastic to glass a few years ago. I keep having to buy more though! I think it’s important enough to buy glass storage, I don’t want any BPA in my body thank you very much!

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