Tooling Around in the Kitchen: Soya Power Plus

I’ve been making almond milk at home for awhile now to avoid the preservatives and the waste; for a long time San Francisco didn’t recycle the types of containers almond milk came packaged in, although I think they do now. Almond milk is also ridiculously easy to make, so it wasn’t much of an imposition. I just used soaked almonds and water in the blender. The result was fine for oatmeal or baking – but not so great for drinking or using for a latte. So we embraced our consumer sides and bought this:

The SoyaPowerPlus milk maker is pretty awesome; it basically does the same thing as a blender but also heats the water up to 180 degrees and grinds it in cycles as opposed to all at once.

You still have to strain the result through the strainer provided, but the result is much creamier and doesn’t separate nearly as much. Although having another single-use appliance seems silly, this was recommended to us by a friend and I make enough almond milk that I’d like it to taste good.

I’ll try soymilk next as they sent me a little packet of soybeans (non-GMO, family owned farm) with the milk maker!


2 thoughts on “Tooling Around in the Kitchen: Soya Power Plus

  1. That little machine looks awesome! A friend of mine is very taken with making her own almond and other nut milks so maybe I’ll introduce her to this thing.

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