Weekend by Numbers

Jessie and Miro came to town this weekend, and what an incredible weekend it was!

# of awesome friends in town: 2

# of photos taken: 0

# of meals eaten out: 5 (falafel, farmers’ market meal, Indian pizza, La Boulange breakfast, In N Out)

# of times ice cream was consumed: 2

Slices of pizza consumed: 2 by me, an XL collectively

# of pedicures: 3 (not just by me, but wouldn’t that be great?!)

Minutes of exercise done: 0 (unless shopping counts; and walking to and from restaurants)

Movies watched: 1 (The King’s Speech – amazing!)

$ spent on clothes: A lot. My credit card is crying a little.

# of wedding dresses tried on: 10 (not by me!)

# of bridesmaids dresses tried on: 3

Fries consumed at In N Out: Countless

Hours of girl talk: At least 25, maybe more

Hours of sleep: not enough!

Cups of tea sipped: 10

Naps taken: 2

Episodes of Desperate Housewives watched: 4

There may not be pictures, but I think the numbers speak for themselves. A fantastic, indulgent, amazing weekend with my some of my best girlfriends, accented by time with my some of my best guy friends!


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