Go Big or Go Home

We got out of town this weekend and went down to Big Sur to celebrate Alex’s birthday with a group of friends. Alex’s parents live down there, and were kind enough to lend us their house for the weekend while they are away.

Friday night was relaxed, with snacking and drinking cocktails.

These lovely ladies are two of my closest friends – and they are both engaged! I can’t wait to celebrate with them both.

Dave was our bartender for the weekend, and let me tell ya, the man can mix a drink. Dave – if you ever want to quit your day job, you have a back up!

Abandoning my laptop and not having cell reception was rejuvenating; seeing this upon awakening, even more so:

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get better. When you pair this with the fact that we had a group of fun, thoughtful, incredible people with us, it made for one of the best weekends ever.

On Saturday, we hiked up to a cabin at the top of the property to eat lunch, lay in the sun, nap, chat, and generally relax. The hike is about an hour and a half and is a good work out – I was sore on Sunday! Again, the view reminded me how nice it is to slow down:

Shenanigans ensued, as they always do:

Bryan’s such a model.



After hiking down and meeting up with new friends that had just arrived, we napped, showered, lazed about until we ate an amazing Mexican meal that I didn’t take photos of, which is truly tragic. There was homemade salsa, ceviche, avocado, smoked salmon, soyrizo with pineapple and a ton of chips. It was light, fresh, and flavorful. We finished off the meal with Alex’s favorite: carrot cake.

And then had a dance party in the garage. We dressed up to get down with our bad selves:

My SF ladies.

Birthday boy!

I didn’t take too many photos because I was busy dancing, but this one was too cute to not include:

Sunday morning was lazy, and everybody slowly packed up and trickled back to their respective homes. We went and visited the caretakers at their house on the mountain, and finally made it home around 8 pm on Sunday.

Monday was spent sleeping in, gardening, and unpacking. We came home with a lot of what we brought – we had two grocery bags full of beer! And 6 kinds of salsa. And three bags of tortilla chips. I’m not exaggerating. I made a nacho bake (recipe tomorrow) to use some of it up!

Being in Big Sur with most (but not all!) of my best friends was the perfect way to spend the weekend, and I think it’s Alex’s favorite way of celebrating too. Forget gifts and fancy dinners – getting silly with folks is way more fun.

Alex’s actual birthday is tomorrow, and we are celebrating by getting dinner at a  new vegan/vegetarian restaurant with his sister and her boyfriend! Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home

  1. That definitely sounds like a fantastic birthday celebration. Big Sur is totally one of my favourite places on Earth. Glad you had fun and happy birthday to Alex!

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