Project 365: Week 21

NOTE: Oh my goodness! Somehow this never got posted!

May 20:

Spring time is here and the world is bursting with color!

May 21:

A duo of photos for the day; a bunch of boxes just hangin’ out and having coffee.

May 22:

This picture is maller than the rest so you don’t have to really see my feet. An indulgent chocolate and mint pedicure was exactly what my feet needed after half marathon training. Too bad they’ll start getting slammed by concrete again soon.

May 23:

I have quite the arsenal of cookbooks, not to mention my reader filled with food blogs. Some people don’t like following recipes, but I have to say that at least the first time I make something, I do. I am getting better at improvising, but sometimes it’s nice to know someone vetted something and you don’t have to think too much.

May 23:

This was an Afghan restaurant we went to for lunch this week (more on that later). Such a beautiful hole in the wall – made me excited for our Turkey trip this summer!

May 24:

If only they were always this civilized with each other. I used to volunteer at the cat shelter down at Cal Poly, and wet food time was insane. This shelter just had 50 – 60 cats in a really big room and fenced yard – there was no separation among them. So once you put down plates of wet food, they just went at each other to get to those little paper plates!

May 25:

It was after 8 pm when I took this photo from the car – I love summer.


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