Summertime, and the livin’s easy

I have not fallen off the face of the earth – not yet, anyway.

However, I have been enjoying the space that I’ve created in my day for unscheduled free time – hence why the blog has been quiet. Something tells me the sunny weather we’ve been having in San Francisco is contributing to my resistance to being stuck behind a computer. But never fear readers (if you’re out there!), I’ve decided to bite the bullet and take my computer on the train each day to write because unless I have a good book, I’m usually asleep, which isn’t the most productive way to spend my time, plus what if I missed my stop because I was snoozing away?!

I also don’t have internet on the computer on the training, meaning my level of distraction is forced to a minimum. The only slight problem with that is I can’t actually post until I get home from work (I don’t have internet at work either, and I’m too cheap to buy a coffee every day just so I can post).

Project 365 is also coming to a close; taking a meaningful photo every day has just become impossible for me, and no one needs 5 million photos of my cats or of me riding the train. Instead, I’m going to post one photo a week on Friday that I hopefully took that week, but might just be an old photo from my archives that’s fun or reminds me of something special. I’m mightily impressed I lasted this long with Project 365 – I was pretty sure I’d give up after a few weeks. And now, at least, I’m more adept at using the dSLR to create photos of things the way I actually see them.

So here we are, the first day of summer and we are actually having warm weather which is a joyful thing. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to end this weekend, but I’m going to live in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts. My summer goals are to hit the beach at least once and to go to a baseball game – both quintessential summer things although my childhood memories of these things both usually involve cold weather. Santa Cruz beaches tend to be a bit blustery, and the old baseball stadium in SF was built in what felt like a wind tunnel, and without at least 3 layers you were miserable.

But until the weather turns, I’ll remember times like the photo below as what summer SHOULD be like.



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