Just Like Flossing

Long time no see. I haven’t forgotten about the blog – I’ve been catching up with my Google reader and formulating quite a few posts. But it seems that finding the time to come here and put down my thoughts is more difficult than I thought. Inertia is a powerful force when you’re a new blogger. After a few down days, you find other things to fill the time and wonder if anyone ever read your blog in the first place. But I recently read a wonderful book on writing that reminded me why I write – for myself and self reflection. Authenticity will bring in an audience. Or not. And that’s okay.

One of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, recently had a post on 5 Steps to Creating New Habits. I’m going to use these steps to make blogging a habit – like flossing. Flossing is one of the few things that I have successfully made into a habit. Alex and I forgot floss on our trip, and although they do sell floss abroad, we didn’t buy any. So it was one of the first things we both did when we got home – because it’s a habit for both of us.

Even though I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t exactly doing nothing…

In Austria, I did an epic bike ride that made me feel like this:

I rode in a hot air balloon for the first time.


I ate my weight in chocolate during a chocolate factory tour.

In Turkey, I hiked into ruins from 333 BC.


I went into some amazing buildings – mosques, and churches, and palaces.

I cooled off in the heat by eating ice cream (chocolate and pistachio dipped cone with raspberry ice cream and nutella ice cream – I was in heaven).

And we hiked many heights and saw incredible views, like this one:


I brought my laptop and didn’t open it until the plane ride home to download pictures from my camera and cull them down. We blissfully did not have wifi anywhere we stayed. For the first part of Turkey, our watches were set an hour behind the actual time and we just barely noticed in time for our flight – which was perfect. You know you’re on vacation when you’re an hour behind the times and it doesn’t matter.

I plan on putting up a separate page with more photos and a more in depth description of everything we experienced. As it’s not in real time, overloading the main page of the blog might be a little much.

This weekend, I’m heading to New Orleans for a good friend’s bachelorette party, but then I’m in town for awhile. I’m sticking to as many healthy habits as I can while traveling, and so far, so good. I may have eaten a lot of chocolate and ice cream in Europe, but I also ate a ton of salad, walked up to 10 miles per day, went on a few runs, and did a ton of yoga. Plus the epic 25 mile bike ride. Even if I hadn’t done all of that, I’d be okay – sometimes you just need a break.

As you know though, I am training for a marathon, and my training probably has taken a hit. I haven’t done a long run in weeks. And I’ll be dancing instead of running this weekend! Thankfully, the race is still 2.5 months away and I’m in pretty good running shape so I know I’ll be fine!

Excited to be back in the writing saddle!


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