21 Days of Yoga and Other Habits

It’s quite convenient for me that the 1st of the month is on a Monday – it offers a nice starting point to squashing bad habits and replacing them with better ones.

My first commitment is 21 days of yoga, inspired by Jenna from Eat, Live, Run. When I saw her post about this today, it was one of those moments where you see the exact right thing at the exact right time. You can join in, too – it can be 10 minutes or it can be 90 minutes, all that matters is that you get on the mat. Twenty one days is the amount of time experts say it takes to create a habit – and a daily yoga habit sounds pretty good to me.

In addition to yoga, I’m taking a few weeks off dairy. Cheese was abundant in Europe and New Orleans and I took full advantage – and while my mouth was happy, my stomach was not. Maybe it’s dairy and maybe it’s not (I also ate a lot more bread than I normally do), but I’m going to eliminate dairy for a few weeks and then eat a crapton (my doctor says three days of dairy in all three meals) and see what happens.

I also want to show up here more. Unlike 21 days of yoga and no dairy, that goal is less specific, so I’ll have to figure out better parameters. But at least I’m saying publicly so someone will hold me accountable.

Hopefully all of these things put together will get me to place of feeling strong and at peace, emotionally, mentally and physically.


One thought on “21 Days of Yoga and Other Habits

  1. i feel like we tend to do the same things at the same time. i am also not eating dairy right now. i’ve been feeling horrible lately after eating only the tiniest bit. i’m hoping it’s just a phase. i can’t really live without cheese. and it’s really hard to work at ruby jewel’s and not even be able to sample.

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