Another year wiser….

…or maybe just another 365 days behind me. 😉

Today is my birthday. We’re currently at the tail end of it actually, meaning my reign of being the center of attention is done…until my surprise present from Alex tomorrow night. And my birthday party on Saturday. And my family birthday party on Sunday. We Leos know how to extend our time in the spotlight.

In all seriousness, I’m just happy to celebrate with my wonderful friends and family. I wouldn’t be where or who I am without them, and in reality, I think they should all be celebrated on this day. Another year gone by because of the love and support of all of the people in my life – you deserve the credit!

I thought it might be fun to do a birthday retrospective…

2007 – 20th Birthday – Burning Man Themed Surprise Party

2008 – 21st Birthday – Family/Actual Night/Vegas

2009 – 22nd Birthday – BBQ at our first apartment (this is the only picture I have)

2010 – 23rd birthday – Chinese food with friends and lunch with family

And this year so far?

Ethiopian with friends (pardon the red-eye)

Flowers delivered at work!

Kicked my own butt at my first Team in Training track workout:

And then ate a fabulous dinner made by a fabulous  man:

with wheat-free and non-dairy chocolate cake!

Oh how times have changed – and how glad I am. At 21, a track workout would not have been on my birthday schedule. I was busy with more important endeavors (aka tequila shots). Trust me when I say the pictures I posted are, by far, the most flattering.

Today, (at the old age of 24), it was the perfect way to spend a birthday. I’m excited to be able to celebrate with a bigger group of friends on Saturday too – we’re “bar-hopping at home:” salad bar, baked potato bar, and ice cream bar, plus a mocktail/cocktail bar. I can’t wait!

And then on Sunday, we celebrate in *hopefully* 70 degrees and sunny weather with the family.

I couldn’t ask for a better birthday lineup!







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