Peas and Thank You Tribute

I must really love Mama Pea (who doesn’t know me, and hopefully doesn’t find this creepy), because I spent so much time julienning carrots and zucchini for her Thai crunch salad recipe (found in her just released cookbook) that I was late for work.

Julienne must have been created by a culinary professor to torture students, akin to writing sentences on the blackboard. By far, it’s the cooking technique I dread most and will usually avoid recipes that call for it. Lucky for Mama Pea, I had this recipe planned for lunch without an alternative and hadn’t read it clearly. So I sucked it up and did a very sloppy julienne.

I’ll admit the salad was worth then 10 minutes of lost productivity. I won’t post the recipe here, but if you have or decide to buy the book, I’ll tell you that I replaced the cucumber with zucchini, added fresh corn, and left out the tofu and crispy won ton strips and it was still crazy delicious.

Perhaps I was forgiving of Mama Pea because I made her quinoa zuchinni lasagna on Sunday night and had a foodgasm. (I clearly have trouble reading recipes, because this recipe said to cut the zucchini in strips, not rounds. It was utterly delicious, but it’s supposed to look like regular lasagna.)

Or perhaps it’s because we finally made MMMM sauce last week and it lived up to the hype.

I haven’t been posting any recipes because I haven’t made anything interesting. Last week, we mostly lived off quinoa, roasted veggies and MMMM sauce. See photo above.

And it’s silly to repost recipes when you don’t change anything.

So instead, enjoy this pea tribute and check out her site and if you are at all interested in delicious, family friendly, vegan recipes, buy her book!


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