Repercussions of Long Runs

I ran 18 miles on Saturday – in no small part because of this girl:

That’s Julia, my running buddy, and she’s fabulous. Sort of like my hair in this photo.

During and after the run, I felt amazing; I sprinted the end, I had high energy, I was whooping and cheering – I actually toned it down because I realized I was on a runner’s high and other people might not be so into it. But I was feeling pretty dang excited – running 18 miles is no small feat and if you’d asked me a year ago, I never would have thought I’d be able to do it. I went home, lazily got cleaned up and we went out to visit this guy:

I was skeptical of the idea of a hairless cat when our friends Dave and Brittany said they were getting one – but I’ll admit that Nikolas is pretty dang cute. I love how he burrowed into the couch; I know just how he feels!

So after some more shenanigans ensued,

(goofball), we went home and vegged out until we went to dinner, and then stayed up too late watching Mad Men, which we are finally into.

With the exception of a little naseau, I was still feeling pretty awesome. And Sunday I felt great too, as the freaking freezing ice bath I’d taken had zapped out any soreness.

And then mother nature came back to bite me in the ass – and sidelined me with a nasty virus on Monday. I can’t train, I can’t go into work, but luckily the doc said I won’t be contagious by the weekend, which is Nicole’s wedding; regardless I’m going to stock up on hand sanitizer.

So hear I am – I’ve been hanging out at home with these guys:

Despite all the wonderful time I am enjoy with my cats, I’m annoyed at this virus. I’m sure I sound whiny – and I kind of am, and things could be worse, etc – but I can still be mad and see all that stuff too. It’s terrible timing and I can’t help thinking – I could have slept more; taken more vitamins; etc etc. I’m loading up on antioxidant foods this weekend!

Equally annoying is that it came after such a wonderful run – I hope it doesn’t psych me out for the 20 miler and then the marathon.

I was going to make chocolate chip cookies to make myself feel better, but then I realized 1) putting my highly contagious hands into cookie batter wouldn’t be so good…unless that means I get to eat all of them?! and 2) my face feels like an oven right now, so I don’t think turning the actual oven on will help.

Anyone else out there struggle with post-long run sickness? Any tips or tricks? 

Cheers to good health!



One thought on “Repercussions of Long Runs

  1. Your run sounds fabulous! All of your hard work and training is really paying off. I hope you feel better soon. Shall I have some of Dave’s chocolate chip cookies ready for you for Friday morning?

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