Return to Running and Writing

I made my valiant return to running today, after a 3.5 week break due to flu/pneumonia/a little bit of inertia. Three miles in thirty minutes felt like quite the accomplishment, but I’m happy to report that my lungs cooperated. 1.5 weeks until 26.2!

I’m also tackling two other goals – one for October and one for November.

November is National Novel Writing Month, and I’m going to do it. 50,000 words in 30 days, from scratch (it works so nicely with my Friday posts!) I’m not going to be posting here, although perhaps I’ll link to the final product. The goal of the project is to force you to write, and to force you to write without editing. I think it will help me a great deal on the blog and in other creative endeavors.

In preparation for November, I am going to do a post a day in October – a challenge from the WordPress folks. Sometimes I’ll use their prompts, sometimes I’ll have something to say, and I’ll always try to relate it to food/health/fitness.

When it comes to work, family, and friends, I’m fantastic at following through. I hate being late to work, I am thorough when working on projects, and I’m a great communicator. I never miss a birthday, I remember to say good luck for interviews, and congratulations on promotions. I love my friends and family, and they are always a top priority – so I always keep up with what they’re doing and where they’re at.

When it comes to personal development, I’m not so stellar. I can always keep up with working out, and as evidenced by my happy return to exercising today, I can pick it up after taking a break. But I’m more than, or would like to be more than, my relationships with other people and my commitment to fitness.

I’m going to call myself out on this publicly, so anyone who reads this can keep me on task for October posts and my November novel.

Here are a few goals I’ve made and let fall through the cracks:

1. Project 365 – taking a photo per day
2. Volunteering weekly at the cat shelter (it’s more like monthly now)
3. Doing yoga every day for 40 days
4. My elimination diet in August
5. Meditation every day
6. Various writing goals
7. House organization
8. Physical therapy stretching routine

None of these are vital to my being, but they are all things I wanted to complete and didn’t.  So for two months, writing – along with friends, family, fitness and food – will be my priority. I believe completing this project will help motivate me on my other goals.

I fully intend to maintain From Scratch Fridays, as I’m really enjoying it, and to see what thoughts come out of my responses to the WordPress prompts for October. And who knows what will happen in my novel in November – they say we should start from scratch and not an outline, so here goes nothing!



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