What do you do after a marathon?

We are 4 days post marathon – and where am I now? Monday and Tuesday were rough, I was pretty hobbly.

Now, I’m doing great except for some blisters (and I cut myself on both fingers yesterday – grace is not my strongest trait). Bandages are in short supply at my house! I have a photo of the actual blister on one toe but I’ll spare you – it’s pretty awesome/gross.

I had a lot of hip/IT band pain earlier this week, but I walked a few miles every day and rolled it with The Stick and it seems to have disappeared – but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking full advantage of the massage I have scheduled for tomorrow.

And so the eternal question of post-marathon life – what now? Before the race I read a lot of articles about putting as much effort into your post race plan as your training plan, and I didn’t really get it until now.

From September to October, I had four big events: two wonderful weddings, a huge work conference, and the marathon. Now we’re done, and I’m feeling a little aimless. Being sick for 6 weeks didn’t help – I’ve completely fallen out of healthy habits and ate an entire brownie’s worth of batter last night (it was delicious) and then of course had to taste test the brownie today (tasty but too crumbly). And there’ll be cookies tonight at Rachel’s that I will most definitely enjoy.

Exercising has taken a back seat this week to sleep and recovery, which makes sense. In no way am I advocating that I should have been at the gym on Tuesday morning, pumping iron. But my motivation to work out is waning and the copious amounts of sugar I’ve been ingesting have wreaked havoc with my energy levels and I’ve slept through my alarm more than once in the past few weeks. It’s way more fun to sit around and catch up on the DVR than it is to kick  my own ass at the gym.

With the holidays coming up, I want to have a plan in place for how I’m get back into healthy habits and set myself up for success. Whatever the plan, it starts Monday – and I’m blogging about it here to have anyone that reads keep me accountable!

So here’s the preliminary plan:

1)      Daily meditation for 15 minutes: Even if it’s 7 in the morning and 7 in the evening

2)      Practicing mindful eating: Paying attention to hunger signals – when I “feel hungry,” not just immediately grabbing a snack but figuring out if I’m really hungry, or maybe thirsty, or probably bored. While eating, focusing on the food (maybe not tweeting/facebooking/watching TV/reading while eating?) and chewing slowly and thoughtful

3)      Getting back in the kitchen: Cooking has really fallen to the wayside and I miss it. Creating and sharing a meal is one of my favorite things to do.Focus on seasonal, warming, satisfying meals that make great lunch leftovers.

4)      15 minutes of chores a day: A minimum to hopefully keep my house cleaner than it is at the moment.

5)      Set a new fitness goal: I have one! It’s completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women plan. Woot strength training!

6)      One weekly long yoga practice: Again, a minimum – more yoga is never bad in my book.

7)      Minimum of one rest day a week: Good for the muscles and the mind.

8)      Saying no and making sure I have enough alone time to recharge: I suck at it. I’ll have to practice.

9)      At least 6.5 hours of sleep: I know it’s not enough. But I’m being realistic here, especially with the holidays coming up.

10)   Indulge: A Reese’s pumpkin? Don’t mind if I do! Thanksgiving pie? Bring it over! Christmas cookies? You know I’m there! The plan isn’t about deprivation, it’s about intention

11)   Find intellectual stimulation: I find myself addicted to blogs and the news – which isn’t going away, but it isn’t enough. I want to be challenged to think differently (link).

It’s a long plan, and a ballsy one. But I need it. It’d be easier to wait for 2012 and use these as my new year’s goals but we all know that’s not going to happen, so let’s start now.

Anyone else have any mid-October goals?


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