A Dose of Vitamin D

Most of my weekend was spent outside; I was feeling the need to take a weekend off from my laptop/phone/television. While I love all the connectivity in today’s world, I often find myself sucked in when I don’t want to be, especially now that I’ve downloaded words with friends. Oh well, at least it’s expanding my vocabulary. Did you know that “tanka” is a type of Japanese poem? I did not.

This weekend was filled with wine and pumpkins!

Saturday, Alex and I went up to North Bay to celebrate Chelsea’s birthday/going away party. Boston is stealing her away from the West Coast – don’t worry, she’s already purchased a jacket and boots. Despite the fact that it is almost November, finally the Bay Area seems to be having summer. Saturday saw temperatures of 85 – perfect in the shade, sweltering in the direct sun. We were mostly inside temperature controlled areas anyway – that’s where they keep the wine!


Our friend Sydney, who currently also lives in Vancouver, came down to surprise Chelsea for her birthday! It was a great surprise for me too!!

Hi Syd! She enjoyed the nice weather too – apparently Vancouver didn’t get the sunny weather memo.

I drank some wine, ate at least a pound of cheese, and enjoyed an amazing BBQ spread for dinner. No photos were taken because I was too busy stuffing my face and going back for seconds. Even the baked beans were vegetarian, which is always a treat!

Other than Chelsea, her boyfriend Austin, and Sydney, we didn’t really know anyone else at the party, so it was fun to make new friends.

On Sunday, another sunny day, we went up north once again, but a little further East, to meet my parents, my niece and nephew to go to the pumpkin patch! Alex, my nephew and I did went through the biggest corn maze in the world – 45 acres! They are in the Guinness Book of World Records and everything. You can also do the maze at night with a flashlight – but that sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen.

After trekking through the maze, we all needed a corn bath. Somehow you end up dirtier when you come out than when you went in. 😀

The patch was neat because they had all kinds of pumpkins in the field – including ones shaped like other fruit! I got one pear and one apple shaped pumpkins – along with a few others….our cart was overflowing with pumpkins!

We got home early enough that I was able to go grocery shopping and then come home, clean out the fridge, and put everything away correctly. I’ll admit that normally I just throw produce into the drawers and hope it doesn’t go bad – and it usually doesn’t but it often gets sort of wilty. So I looked online and found out all then set ways to store different veggies, and did it all correctly. Then I prepared a million things for dinners and lunches this week, so hopefully cooking will be a bit easier than normal!

I’ve been feeling a little bit down lately, and this weekend outside in the sun was exactly what I needed as a pick me up. AND I got up for my 5 am strength training workout – woot! We’re on the upswing folks!



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