Making a Staycation Special

This last weekend Alex and I celebrated our six year anniversary! It’s crazy to look back and realize how much we’ve grown up since we first met – I was only seventeen, practically a baby! But based on Friday’s post, we are clearly haven’t grown up THAT much.

The first activity on our docket for celebrating was using up an old gift certificate for a Greek cooking class over at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley. If you are ever in the area and have the time, the classes there are wonderful. The chefs that lead the classes are both hilarious and knowledgeable and it’s all hands on. I didn’t take any photos because I was too busy pan frying eggplant, deep frying phyllo wrapped fruit, and getting my eat on.

The rest of the weekend, we had no set plans. Originally, we were supposed to go out of town but neither of us really felt like driving, finding a cat sitter, etc. But we vowed that we couldn’t do any chores – it had to be a true staycation. Well, we didn’t exactly stick to that but the chores we did were fun and not in the house, so it worked out.

At first, I was a little panicked about how we were going to make the weekend “special” enough to celebrate our anniversary. Having no plans freaked the control-freak part of me out a little bit, until I realized that IS special for us. Normally we are hopping from activity to activity on the weekends, and squeezing chores in where we can. And don’t get me wrong, I love it – I love seeing lots of people, seeing new places, going out to eat. But it was really nice to just be…and just be home and not have anywhere to go or anything in particular to do. I have decreed that we definitely need more weekends like this!

Check out the photos below for our weekend adventures and some links to some great recipes that I made over the weekend!

Sometimes special is…

…a special breakfast (pumpkin chocolate oats with banana soft serve from Ashley)

…sunning in a window together.

…finally get something framed that you’ve had for years.

…discovering a magical place that will make a pie shake (a slice of pie blended with ice cream) and has the best Mexican hot chocolate you’ve ever had

…instead of going out to eat, making fancy-ish dinners at home (Vegan Eggplant Parmesan and Mushroom Millet Soup from Angela)

…sometimes it means taking goofy pictures in a quiet, very serious, bookstore

…and it’s ALWAYS special to lounge on the couch and catch up on your DVR.

Great weekend with lots of great food – more recipes coming your way soon!

Have a great night!


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