My Life in Pets

Warning: post below has nothing to do with food, and all to do with cute animals. Wednesday night for dinner I had half a giant burrito and some chips, and last night I had two slices of delicious deep dish pizza, and tonight I’m having dinner at Whole Foods…and lunches have been beans, greens, and avocado (I found the most buttery, delicious avocados at our grocery store – and they were cheap – only 2.49/lb instead of 5.99 which is what they were last time!!)

So needless to say, despite my best intentions and having a meal plan, it just didn’t pan out. So I have nothing exciting to show you (next week though, I already have some great ideas, so watch out.) Instead, I thought I’d do a tribute post to the furry friends I’ve had over the years because hey, it’s Friday, and who doesn’t like pictures of animals? Plus, the CDC even has a page called Healthy Pets Healthy People on the health benefits of pets, so it’s sort of kind of actually relevant!


She was our first dog and she was a little bit crazy. She was very cuddly, and always sat with us on the couch and always slept on the bed – but she was also a bit neurotic and would bark endlessly when we left the house. Obviously, we have no idea if she continued barking, but she would sit in the window and bark, bark, bark until she couldn’t see us anymore. She was really smart and figured out how to open double paned windows and get outside – but of course couldn’t figure out how to get back in!

Friskie (great picture huh?)

Officially “my” cat growing up (meaning I called dibs but my mom fed her). We had four cats growing up – unfortunately I only have photos of two – and they were all indoor/outdoor cats so until our current furry beasts, I didn’t really understand cats using a litter box. Friskie was pretty laid back and easy going – and she loved boxes.


Princess was my sister’s cat – and boy was she a diva (the cat, not my sister). She lived up to her name. After my sister moved out, Princess would sit outside my door and meow constantly until I let her in. Then she’d want to be pet, despite the fact that it was 2 am and I was asleep. If I didn’t pet her, she’d bite my hands. If I hid my hands under the pillows, she’d either bite my chin or paw at my wrists. DIVA. But so sweet.


My parents brought Cinnamon home after Patches passed away and I was pretty devastated  – and they rightfully thought a new dog would cheer me up and distract me (I was also recovering from my first broken heart). They brought her home on my 16th birthday before my senior year of high school, meaning that although they wanted me to take care of her, I went away to college and they officially got sucked in. She’s not that smart – or at least doesn’t seem that way – but she is the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever met. Funny, because Chows are known for being aggressive, but she is seriously the least aggressive dog ever. The bottom picture is her after she got attacked by two other dogs randomly on the street, and she was neither shy about her haircut, nor scared to later go back outside.


Bailey was my sister’s dog, who only passed away last week, after 15 years. They got him on Christmas when he was the tiniest, sweetest puppy around. He always tried to play with Patches because he was so much younger, and she wanted nothing to do with him. Later, Cinnamon tried to play with him and he got to be the old fart. I know he’s in doggie heaven chasing squirrels and eating tons of treats.


Lulu is also my sister’s dog and she’s a high energy cuddle bug – she’s always running around like a madwoman but then wants to sit in your lap to get love. She’s so tall – I love it when she sits up straight – and such a beautiful dog!



My other sister and her family fostered Charlie for a short time. Although he was super sweet, he was too high energy for them at the time; the kids were still little and he really had no qualms about barreling into a two year old in his path to food or getting pet. Thankfully, he went to a very nice farm where he could exercise all his energy! My niece still thinks it’s Charlie every time she sees a golden retriever in a book!


Ollie was adopted after Charlie and he is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. He’s so furry and floppy – he lets you carry him around like a baby. He is the funniest dog and the cutest thing is when him and Cinnamon play since she could sit on him and crush him. Thank goodness she’s so gentle.

Pig and Belle

Hippo and Pig's first photo together!

Belle - mama cat

Belle and all her babies!

Belle is mother to Hippo and Runty and Pig is their sister. They are Rachel’s cats but I visit them every chance I get because they are freaking adorable. They have such diva attitude and yet are so cuddly and sweet and since I was there when Rachel got Belle and when Pig was born, it’s been so fun to watch them grow up!

Hippo and Runty

Hippo's classic head tilt - he still does it!

Hippo and Runty!


I looked through about 600 million photos of the cats but didn’t want to overwhelm you I figured because I post pictures of them the way they are now all the time, I would post a few of when they were the tiniest, sweetest things ever. I can’t believe they turned out so giant!

Long story short – I love all animals. There have been countless others from friends, and from the shelters I’ve volunteered at, that I have fallen in love with. Someday I’ll have a ranch where I can have all of them!

We’re off this weekend to a retreat center in Santa Cruz with Alex’s family. There is internet access, but I might take the weekend off – but I promise to take photos!


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